Pareto Zywicki

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000430/1 - Literature with language, art and music / ed. by Laurence Hallewell;
with a pref. by Lord Eccles, and a note on periodical indexes by A. J. Walford. -
1977. 053434/5 - Walford's concise guide to reference material / ed. by Albert
John Walford. - 1981. 000725/1 - Walford's guide to current British periodicals in
the humanities and social sciences; / ed. by A. J. Walford . - 1985. 004681/1 -
Walford's guide to reference material: science and technology / ed.: Albert John
Walford ...

Information Sources In Science And Technology

Author: C. C. Parker
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Volume 1 deals with science and technology; volume 2 covers social and
historical sciences, philosophy and religion; while volume 3 (3rd ed., 1977) deals
with generalities, languages, the arts, and literature. Each volume has its own
index. The same publisher issued a condensed version, Walford's Concise Guide
to Reference Material, in 1981, where the English-language/British emphasis is
more pronounced. The Library Association has also published Printed Reference
Material ...

British Sources Of Information

Author: P. Jackson
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... Higgens, G., Printed Reference Material, 1984; Library Association, British
Humanities Index,annually; Walford, A.J. (ed.), GuidetoReference Material, vol. 1,
Science and Technology, 1980;Walford, A.J.(ed.), Guideto ReferenceMaterial, vol
.2,Social and Historical Sciences, 1982; Walford,A.J.(ed.), Guide toReference
Material,vol.3., Generalities, Languages,the Arts and Literature, 1985; Walford,
A. J. (ed.), Walford's Concise Guide to Reference Material, 1981. For guides to
official and ...


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Brücksichtigt sogar Internet-Adressen, hat aber einen gewissen Schwerpunkt auf
englischsprachige Quellen. Vom gleichen Herausgeber: Walford's concise guide
to reference material – 2" ed. 1992. American Library Association (Ed. by E. P.
Robert Balay): Guide to Reference Books. Derzeit aktuelle Ausgabe ist die 11"
Edition, die 1996 erschienen ist. Das „amerikanische Gegenstück“ zu Walford,
der seltener erscheint, aber als zuverlässiger gilt. Reynolds, Michael M. (Hg):
Guide to ...

Information Sources

Author: John T. Fletcher
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More important as introductions to reference material are: Handbuch der
bibliographischen Nachschlagewerke, by W. Totok and R. Weitzel (5th ed.,
Klostermann, 1977); Guide to Reference Books, now compiled by E. P. Sheehy (
9th ed., ... 3: Generalities, Languages, the Arts and Literature, Library Association
, 1977); Walford's Concise Guide to Reference Material, edited by A. J. Walford (
Library Association, 1981), condenses the larger work and adds later material;
American ...

An Annotated Guide To Current National Bibliographies

Author: Barbara L. Bell
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Berlin: Bibliotheksverband d. DDR; Leipzig: Deutsche Bucherei, 1975. Tate,
Elizabeth L. "International Standards: The Road to Universal Bibliographic
Control." Library Resources & Technical Services 20 (Winter 1976): 16-24.
Unesco. General Information Programme. UNISIST newsletter. Paris : Unesco,
1979-. (03792218). Walford, Albert John, ed. Walford's Concise Guide to
Reference Material, 2d ed. London: Library Association, 1992. Walford's Guide to
Reference Material, 7th ed ...

The Future Of European Financial Centres

Author: Kirsten Bindemann
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This work aims to provide a signpost to reference books and bibliographies
published mainly in recent years. Bibliographies are listed under each subject.
For example, under History, the Annual Bulletin of Historical Literature, published
by the Historical Association, is listed. The Walford Guide is very wide in its
coverage and, where appropriate, includes short quotations from reviews of
works it cites. There is also Walford's Concise Guide to Reference Material, 1992.
Again, as ...