Walford S Concise Guide To Reference Material

Author: Anthony Chalcraft
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This is a shortened version of the three-volume Walford's guide to reference
materiaI, 5th edition: Volume 1 , Science and technology (1989), Volume 2,
Social and historical sciences, philosophy and religion (1990), and Volume 3,
Generalia, language and literature, the arts (1991). There are more than 3,000
entries, forming an updated compilation of what are considered to be the basic
items in the main volumes, plus some more recent material up to April 1992.
From its first edition ...

Information Sources In Science And Technology

Author: C. C. Parker
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 1483163024
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The same publisher issued a condensed version, Walford's Concise Guide to
Reference Material, in 1981, where the English-language/British emphasis is
more pronounced. The Library Association has also published Printed Reference
Material edited by G. L. Higgens (2nd ed., 1984), a useful handbook for students
of librarianship and library organizers. Guide to Reference Books, compiled by
E. P. Sheehy. 9th ed. Chicago, American Library Association, 1976. O Formerly ...

British Sources Of Information

Author: P. Jackson
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1135794936
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1 GENERAL REFERENCE For general factual reference works which are
regularly updated see: Encyclopedia Britannica, 32 vols, 1986; Her Majesty«s
Stationery Office (publisher), Britain: An Official Handbook, annually; Pelham
Books ... GuidetoReference Material, vol. 1,Science and Technology, 1980;
Walford, A.J.(ed.), Guideto ReferenceMaterial, vol.2,Social and Historical
Sciences, 1982; Walford,A.J.(ed.), Guide toReference Material,vol.3., Generalities
, Languages,the Arts and ...

The Future Of European Financial Centres

Author: Kirsten Bindemann
Publisher: Psychology Press
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Another invaluable work is The Walford Guide to Reference Material, which first
appeared in 1959, but has been updated. It is in three volumes: Volume I,
Science and Technology, 1993; Volume II, Social and Historical Sciences,
Philosophy and Religion, 1982; Volume III, Generalia, Language and Literature,
the Arts, 1986. This work aims to provide a signpost to ... short quotations from
reviews of works it cites. There is also Walford's Concise Guide to Reference
Material, 1992. Again ...

Pareto Zywicki

Author: K. G. Saur Verlag GmbH & Company
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053434/5 - Walford's concise guide to reference material / ed. by Albert John
Walford. - 1981. 000725/1 - Walford's guide to current British periodicals in the
humanities and social sciences; / ed. by A. J. Walford . - 1985. 004681/1 -
Walford's guide to reference material: science and ... 044653/5 Walker, Barbara K
. - Türk folkloruna hizmet edenler: Barbara K. Walker; Warren S. Walker/ Saim
SakaoTMlu. - 1974. 066355/7 Walker, Christoph - Überblick über
Forschungsarbeiten zur ...

Information Sources

Author: John T. Fletcher
Publisher: Butterworth-Heinemann
ISBN: 1483102750
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2: Social and Historical Sciences, Philosophy and Religion, Library Association,
1982; 3rd ed., vol. 3: Generalities, Languages, the Arts and Literature, Library
Association, 1977); Walford's Concise Guide to Reference Material, edited by
A. J. Walford (Library Association, 1981), condenses the larger work and adds
later material; American Reference Books Annual, edited by B. S. Wynar (
Libraries Unlimited, 1970– ). These major guides are not discursive, but
bibliographical, classified, ...

A Guide To Information Sources In The Geographical Sciences

Author: Stephen Goddard
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
ISBN: 9780389204039
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base is Ann Arbor (Michigan) and whose UK office is in Bedford Row, London. A
somewhat similar tool to Sheeny is Walford's Concise Guide to Reference
Material (Library Association, l98l) . As well as dealing with the various major
categories of reference material covered by Sheehy it also has a section entitled '
Area Study and Geography ' that should prove of interest to readers of this book.
Another valuable feature of Walf ord ' s Concise Guide is that it is able to refer to
important ...

Research For Writers

Author: Ann Hoffmann ~autofilled~
Publisher: Unistar Books
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Ray Lester, is scheduled for 2004. The Concise Guide to Reference Material, 2nd
edn, 1992, is out of print and no new edition is planned) Wellesley Index to
Victorian Periodicals, 1824-1900, ed. WE. Houghton, 3 vols, University of Toronto
Press/Routledge, London, 1966-79 Whitaker's Almanack, now published
annually by A&C Black, London Whitaker's bibliographic services (chiefly for the
book trade and libraries but also available by individual subscription): includes
BookBank, ...