Reports From Committees

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons. PUBLIC WORKS, BUILDINGS, OR
STREET IMPROVEMENTS. Public I'.oilios or Persons entrusted with the
Execution of Works and Improvements. Amount raised for Public Works, &c.
Situate within ... and improving the west end of Cheapside, St. Martin's-le-Grand,
AJdengate-street, St. Ann's-lane, and Foster-lane - Improving existing
approaches and forming new approaches to London Bridge, viz., in High-street,
Tooley-street, Montague ...

Church Bells Ed By J E Clarke

Author: John Erskine Clarke
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I Mr. Bphm. Johnson. Fourth. | Mr. H. Ranistcr.senr. &renth John Banister, Second
. I G Banister, Fifth. I Bdwd. West, Tenor. W. Banister, Thletl. G. Clovcliuid, Birth. I
Condui ted by Mr.W.Banistcr. Revd. W. Greenlaw, M.A. Xeetor. Mr. Tin*. Morgan, I
Churchuordcnr. 745. Ox Thursday, Fchy. 10th, 1818. tho following Members of
tho Societyof St. Mary's, Woolwich, rung on these bells an excellent peal of Kent
Treble Bob Major, containing 5*1£0 changes, in 2 hours 59 minutes, viz.: — Mr. F
. It.

Catalogue Of The Mercantile Library Of Brooklyn A C

Author: Mercantile Library of Brooklyn
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Ed. by J. F Smith. 74. Harland(J.', Three Llncashlre documents, 14th and 15th
cent... viz.: Great De Lacy inquisitiou, 1311; Survey of 1320-1346 ; Custom roll
and rental of the manor of Ashton-under-Lyne, 1422. 1068. ... 86, 87. Beamoni(W.
) Annals of the lords of Warrington. 89, 90. Farmer (Dr.) Cheeiham ms. Ed. by
A. B. Groeart. 1873. —- —- General index, v. 1-30. [Munch], 1863. 4° 5091.31
0110th Henry). Kind heart's dreemc; invectives against abuses. E .by E. F.
Rimbault. L.,1841.

Buddha Maths And Legends V 10 A World Faith Maths And Legends

Author: M.G. Chitkara
ISBN: 9788176481892
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for the remainder of this discussion, the implications of the great distances to the
fixed stars are of paramount importance. ... The "Asankhyeya-cosmology",
ascribes all attributes to the ten regions. ... The constant illumination of the
Buddha's light encouraging their 'enlightened mind', The sounds of the Land's
birds, leaves, bells, and other adornments constantly inducing them to reflect on
the Buddha, Dharma, and Sangha, The constant companionship of Bodhisattvas,
and Their long ...

Annual Report For The Year Ended

Author: British Columbia. Department of Mines
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The ore is argentiferous galena; there is a large body of it, assaying from 10 to
180 ounces of silver to the ton. “On the Spallumcheen there is also one company,
the Homestake, sinking during the winter. “ As has been stated in a previous
report, there is a great abundance of galena ore in that locality, but of low grade.
The company 110w at work ... “The following are the only companies that have
attempted to do anything more than mere representation, viz. :— “ The Tenderfoot
and ...

Bow Bells Almanack

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S., and it will end generally at 1h. 55m a.m. on the morning The Sun is nearer to
the Earth on Jan. 1 than it is on | 8 of the 14th. any other day this year. The Sun is
at its greatest distance from the Earth on July 2, at 8h. 35m. p.m. TO FIND THE
TIME OF SUNRISE. To find the time of Sunrise or Sunset at any place in Great
Britain or Ireland, find the latitude of the place, which any ECLIPSES. b | y In the
year 1867 there will be two Eclipses of the Sunviz., on March 6, a partial eclipse,
visible ...

Parliamentary Debates Hansard

Author: Great Britain. Parliament. House of Commons
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AYES Baldock, Lt.-Cmdr. J. M. Baxter, Sir Beverley Bell, Philip (Bolton, E.) * .
Taylor, Bernard (Mansfield) Wells, Percy (Faversham) AYES Anstruther-Gray,
Major Sir. CLASS V That a sum, not exceeding £481,415,332, be granted to Her
Majesty, to complete the sum necessary to defray the charge which will come in
course of payment during the year ending on the 31st day of March, 1957, for
Expenditure in respect of the Services included in Class V of the Civil Estimates,
viz.:- £ 1.

An Etymological Dictionary Of The Scottish Language Illustrating The Words In Their Different Significations By Examples From Ancient And Modern Writers Shewing Their Affinity To Those Of Other Languages And Especially The Northern Explaining Many Terms Which Though Now Obsolete In England Were Formerly Common To Both Countries And Elucidating National Rites Customs And Institutions In Their Analogy To Those Of Other Nations To Which Is Prefixed A Dissertation On The Origin Of The Scottish Language

Author: John Jamieson
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thor of Ema rmgm'la, “the Germanso and' the English so (though in one language
it is called an Ailverb or Conjunction,- and in the other, an Article or Pronoun), are
yet both of them derived from the Gothic article so, so : and have in both
languages retained the original meaning, viz. It or That. i. p. 274.” But some
difficulties occur here, which, as they could scarcely escape the penetrating eye
of this writer, he ought at least to have mentioned. \Vhat good reason can be
assigned for ...

The Spectator

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At the end of September, at Lueknow, of low fever, Lieutenant Edward O'Han- lon
Macgregor, of the late 41st Bengal Native Infantry,, eldest son of Mrs. and Major
Robert Guthrie Macgregor, of the Bengal Retired List ; in his 19th year. Killed
while gallantly ... G. lla»ler, H. L. Gwyn, C. E. Elwyn, H. M. Robertson, J. M. Traill,
W. A. M'Pherson Gordon, E. St. G. Cobbold, W. A. Roberts, D. N. Taylor, F.
Beresfbrd, T. M. Hailerigrg, J. F. 8audc- man, V. Wells, R. F. Saunders. Royal
Engineers— ...