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Surveys the principal events of 2003 in the United States and other countries, as well as developments in business, society, sports, and the arts, as seen in the pages of Time magazine.

Nber Macroeconomics Annual 2004

Author: Mark Gertler
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As for the factor model, we use the real-time series of the GDP deflator. 11.
Confidence intervals have been computed by bootstrap methods, as we did in
Gian- none, Reichlin, and Sala (2002) and as in Forni et al. (2003). 12. The mean
has been attributed to the two conditional histories according to the long- run
variance decomposition. For GDP, this corresponds to 1 to the real shock and 0
to the nominal; for the federal funds rate, .67 and .33, respectively; for the deflator,
.8 and .2, ...

International Monetary Fund Annual Report 2004

Author: International Monetary Fund
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The lMF Committee on Balance of Payments Statistics, Annual Report, 2003. *
Selected Decisions and Selected Documents of the lnternational Monetary Fund,
28m edition. lMF Financial Statements, quarters ended April 30, 2003; October
31, 2003; January 31,2004. Periodic Publications Balance of Payments Statistics
Yearbook Vol. 54, 2003. A two-part yearbook. $98 a year. Direction of Trade
Statistics Quarterly, with yearbook. $155 a year; $129 to full-time university faculty

The Architecture Annual 2004 2005

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In this interview a few of the issues discussed during Professor Boyer's time with
the DSD will be presented. Deborah Hauptmann: Vim Ii.im- lung been interested
it) the writings of archil ei is. as your forthcoming book on Le Corbusier will make
evident. However, you are also currently doing work on the writings of
contemporary architects such as Rem Koolhaas and Stefano Boeri, among
others. Do you approach these writings as completely independent of their
architectural fand ...

Annual Performance Report 2004

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This suggests that by developing detailed and thorough project documents for
Council approval UNDP can reduce the time needed to move projects to
implementation. For complete data, see table C.2 in annex C. UNEP In its PIR
overview report for FY 2004, UNEP provided information on 28 projects that had
been approved between 1997 and 2005. The data place UNEP's elapsed time
record squarely within the range of the other Implementing Agencies. The overall
elapsed time ...

The Hardball Times Baseball Annual

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We're going tofind out what baseball historians will be saying about 2004 ... In
this, the fiftieth anniversary edition of The Hardball Times BaseballAnnual, let's
look back at the baseball season of half a century ago, when The Hardball Times
was a modest little startup website (remember that quaint term: “website”?). The
year THT was launched was a season featuring several dramatic moments and
accomplishments, only some ofwhich are well remembered today. First, let's
establish a ...

European Competition Law Annual 2004

Author: Claus-Dieter Ehlermann
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FRANK STEPHEN To begin with I wanted to set my remarks 'in context': first, over
my thirty years of teaching economics and industrial organisation, I spent most of
the time talking about market failures, so I do not really come to discuss our topic
with the view that markets work perfectly. My view is that markets are actually very
prone to failure. Second, I have carried out empirical research on the regulation,
and particularly the deregulation, of professions in the UK, and particularly on ...

Annual Review Of Gerontology And Geriatrics Volume 24 2004

Author: Merril Silverstein, PhD
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for all gender dyads over time, then we report results on the predictors of change
in the intergenerational stake in affectual solidarity. Intergenerational Stake in
Affectual and Consensual Solidarity We begin with an examination of the two
types of intergenerational-stake phenomena (affection and consensus) over time
for each of the four gender dyads. In Figures 3.1 through 34, solid lines refer to
parents' and children's mean scores on affectual solidarity from 1971 to 1991;
dashed ...

Petroleum Marketing Annual 2004

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Prior to 2004, the EIA-14 wascollected at the national level only. Included in the
costs are all charges associated with the acquisition, transportation, and storage
of crude incurred by respondents up to the time the oil is booked into their
refineries. PAD District costs and volumes reflect the PAD District in which the
crude oil is intended to be refined. See Glossary for PAD District definition. Each
month, refiners report the volume (in thousands of barrels) and costs (in
thousands of dollars) ...

New Orleans La National Compensation Survey December 2004

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government, National Compensation Survey, New Orleans, LA, December 2004
— Continued local government, National Compensation Survey, New Orleans,
LA, December 2004. 1 Earnings are the straight-time annual wages or salaries
paid to employees. They include incentive pay, cost-of-living adjustments, and
hazard pay. Excluded are premium pay for overtime, vacations, holidays,
nonproduction bonuses, and tips. The mean is computed by totaling the pay of all
workers and ...