Annual 2006

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Maria Sharapova, 18, who won at Wimbledon in 2004, went winless in the majors
this year, but the 6-ft. 2-in. Russian beauty claims she's still growing, and so are
her skills. On the men's side, fans loved the swashbuckling Spaniard Rafael
Nadal, 19, who boasted powerful ground strokes and hunky looks — not to
mention his cool pirate pants and 2005 French Open trophy. And familiarity is
finally breeding affection for Roger Federer, right, already an old-timer at age 24.
The steady ...

Top Dog

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“Amelie Mauresmo, Wimbledon,” ASAP Sports Transcripts, (7/
8/2006) “Combative Mauresmo Buries Demons to Prove Herself as World's Best,”
Scotsman, (7/10/2006) Garber, Greg, “Exorcising Demons of
Doubt,”, (7/13/2006) Goff, J., J. D. Foster, M. S.
Gordon, & C. S. Brown, “Regulatory Focus and the 'Goal Looms Larger' Effect in
Major League Baseball,” Paper Presentation at Annual Meeting of the Society for

A Social History Of Tennis In Britain

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Despite his ability to make us 'despise ourselves for the hope that we guarded
within us' that he would win Wimbledon, his often agonising annual defeats were
a memorable, 'defining point of the summer'. Perhaps therein lies Henman's
cultural significance. 'There is real nobility in that: in the not giving up, in the belief
that his destiny lies in his annual tryst with the dragon' (Barnes 2006:27). Likely
due to Henman's enduring legacy as the quintessential English male tennis
player ...

Art Book News Annual Volume 4 2008art Book News Annual Volume 4 2008

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... McKeown (King's College School, Wimbledon) discusses the paintings within
the context of the micro-history of the aristocratic families they belonged to. In the
second part of the volume, b&w reproductions of the paintings are presented,
along with reproductions of their sources and transcriptions of the commentaries
that accompanied the emblems in their original printed context. Distributed in
North America by The David Brown Book Co. N45 2006-033602 978-0-8108-
5895-4 ...

Forest Research Annual Report And Accounts 2005 2006

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The moth can complete 3-4 generations per year in favourable seasons,
particularly in warmer regions, and the number of larval mines accumulates over
the summer until, by August and September, the majority of leaves are disfigured
and fall early (Figure 1). Horse-chestnut trees with large numbers of C. ohridella
leaf mines were discovered in the London borough of Wimbledon in July 2002.
Since then, the moth has spread to most of south-east England and East Anglia (
Figure 2).

Playfair Football Annual 2012 2013

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Hall, G. D. (9) 1987/8 Chelsea Harrington, A. (11) 1955/6 Cardiff C Harris, C. (24)
1975/6 Leeds U Harris, W. (6) 1953/4 Middlesbrough Hartson, J. (51) 1994/5
Arsenal, West Ham U, Wimbledon, Coventry C, Celtic Haworth, S. O. (5) 1996/7
Cardiff C, Coventry C Hennessey, T. (39) 1961/2 Birmingham C, Nottingham F,
Derby Co Hennessey, W. R. (38) 2006/07 Wolverhampton W Hewitt, R. (5) 1957/
8 Cardiff C Hill, M. (2) 1971/2 Ipswich T Hockey, T. (9) 1971/2 Sheffield U,
Norwich C, ...

The Mobile Internet Monthly Newsletter

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Wimbledon 2005” was developed under license from the All England Lawn
Tennis and Croquet Club Ltd. (“All England Tennis Club”), the organizer of the
annual Wimbledon Lawn Tennis Championships. Included in the exclusive three-
year licensing deal are performance ... Two drawings will be held during the next
year, and winners will receive all-expenses-paid trips for two to the Wimbledon
tournament in 2006. Please visit www.pixiem/ to enter and for
more ...

Biography Today Annual Cumulation 2007

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Since April 2006 he has also served as a Goodwill Ambassador for UNICEF.
HONORS AND AWARDS rTF World Junior Champion: 1998 Wimbledon Junior
Championship: 1998 Wimbledon Championship: 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007
ATP Player of the Year: 2004, 2005 Australian Open Tennis Championship: 2004
, 2006, 2007 ITF World Champion: 2004, 2005 Player of the Year (Sports
Illustrated): 2004 U.S. Open Championship: 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 ESPY Best
Male Tennis ...

Careers In Focus

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The coach of a Wimbledon champion commands much more money per hour
than the swimming instructor for the tadpole class at the municipal pool. The U.S.
Department of Labor reports that the median earnings for sports coaches and
instructors were $26,950 in 2006. The lowest 10 percent earned less than
$13,990, while the highest 10 percent earned more than $58,890. Sports
instructors and coaches who worked at colleges and universities earned a mean
annual salary of ...