The Spirit Of Hindu Law

Author: Donald R. Davis, Jr
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139485318
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An introduction to traditional Hindu law and jurisprudence, this book is structured around key legal concepts such as the sources of law and authority, the laws of persons and things, procedure, punishment and legal practice.

Hinduism And Law

Author: Timothy Lubin
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139493582
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Covering the earliest Sanskrit rulebooks through to the codification of 'Hindu law' in modern times, this interdisciplinary volume examines the interactions between Hinduism and the law.

Hindu Law

Author: Sir Thomas Andrew Lumisden Strange
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lish inquirer be encouraged in his investigations by the assurance that, in
pursuing them, he is relieved from much of the toil inherent in the study of the
correspondent branch under his own law, as arising, with reference to real
property, from the ... not however upon feodal ones to be rendered to a superior,
but, like franlialmoigne with us, upon spiritual ones, to be conferred on the
deceased, in extricating his spirit from its otherwise hopeless state, by a due
discharge of his funeral rites.

The Hindu Law

Author: Herbert Cowell
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The Hindu law of inheritance and maintenance is more consistent with the Hindu
religion than any rules which could be adopted by analogy to the English law of
primogeniture of entails, of executory devise, or of contingent remainders." And in
another passage, he adds :* — " Primogeniture, as a rule of inheritance, is
unknown to the Hindu law, and its introduction would be entirely opposed to the
principle of which equality among the heirs is the spirit. f Primogeniture and
singleness ...

Institutes Of Hindu Law Or The Ordinances Of Menu I E Manu

Author: Manu
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spirit of rice, through perverse delusion of mind, may driixk more spirit in flame,
and atone for his offence by severely- burning his body ; 92. Or he may drink
boiling hot, until he die, the urine of a cow, or pure water, or milk, or clarified
butter, or juice expressed from cow-dung : 93. Or, if he tasted it unknowingly, he
may expiate the sin of drinking spirituous liquor, by eating only some broken rice
or grains of tila, from which oil has been extracted, once every night for a whole
year, ...

Select Cases In Hindu Law Decided By Her Majesty S Privy Council And The Superior Courts In India

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... on either view of the question, and it is a pity that when there was a difference
of opinion between the Judges, and a previous division Bench had pa«sed a
contrary decision, that the point was not referred to the Court at Urge for a ruling
which would haro settled the law once and for all. If I might bo permitted to give
my own opinion, without at nil intending to be presumptuous, I would say that the
view taken by Justices Steer and Trecor is the one most in accordance with the
spirit ...

The Hindu Law Journal

Author: C. S. Ramakrishna
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I can understand the rule of exclusion being confined to persons who on account
of congenital defects are wholly incapa-' ble of ofiering funeral oblations to
deceased ancestors or persons suffering whether from congenital disease or
defect or otherwise are unable at the time the inheritance opens, to ofler those
oblations- Either of these rules would have been in consonance with the spirit of
Hindu Law. The proposed exclusion or inclusion is arbitrary and l would therefore
recommit ...

Medieval Hindu Law

Author: Ashutosh Dayal Mathur
Publisher: Oxford University Press, USA
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But their emphasis was on the law as administered by the courts and not on the
historical evolution of Hindu law. During the same period several works were
written by sympathetic scholars to present the Hindu law 'as it should be', as they
felt that the interpretations placed by the courts and the large scale legislation
introduced by the British government abrogating ancient Hindu law had done a
great harm to the spirit of Hindu law. Ganganath Jha's Hindu Law in its Sources
contains ...