The Right Wrong Man

Author: Lawrence Douglas
Publisher: Princeton University Press
ISBN: 1400873150
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The Right Wrong Man is both a gripping eyewitness account of the last major Holocaust trial to galvanize world attention and a vital meditation on the law’s effort to bring legal closure to the most horrific chapter in modern history.

Nazi Law

Author: John J. Michalczyk
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1350007242
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6 Lawrence Douglas, The Right Wrong Man: John Demjanjuk and the Last Great
Nazi War Crimes Trial (Princeton, NJ: Princeton University Press, 2016), 156–57.
7 The “atrocity paradigm” achieved its supreme expression at Nuremberg, where
the Allies created new categories of criminal liability (crimes against peace, war
crimes, and crimes against humanity) and special courts—that is, the
International Military Tribunal, among others—to address Nazi misdeeds. The
postwar West ...

Editorials On File

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MIDDLE EAST: Israeli Court Overturns Nazi Guard's Conviction Israel's Supreme
Court July 29 overturned the conviction of John Demjanjuk, a Ukrainian native
who had been extradited to Israel from the U.S. and sentenced in 1988 to death
for committing war crimes as a guard at a Nazi concentration camp during World
War II. The court held that there was "reasonable doubt" that Demjanjuk was "
Ivan the Terrible," a notoriously cruel guard at the Treblinka death camp in

The Wall Street Journal

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Rep James A. Trail cant (D-OH) responds to an Apr 16, 1991 article about the
access the US Justice Department is getting to Soviet archives by saying that the
Soviets need to promptly release information they have to the Israeli Supreme
Court so that it can be determined whether John Demjanjuk, who has been
sentenced to die, is really Nazi war criminal Ivan the Terrible. (S)My 21 - A. 23:1
Charles Zglenicki wonders why it is considered i to refer to a i by the German
army as ...

The Middle East Abstracts And Index

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It was bad enough when Secretary of State Christopher told a Senate committee
last month It was time to "bring the Soviet [Jewish] refugee admissions program
Into conformity with emerging realities In the Soviet Union.' The suggestion that
special privileges .... court would uphold his death penalty. And Demjanjuk's
defenders — Pat Buchanan, tor one — were stll being attacked as 'apologists lor
Nazi war criminals' by the ADL and their Bk. Wei. the Israel court proved Forward