The Medieval Origins Of The Legal Profession

Author: James A. Brundage
ISBN: 1459605802
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James Brundage's The Medieval Origins of the Legal Profession traces the history of legal practice from its genesis in ancient Rome to its rebirth in the early Middle Ages and eventual resurgence in the courts of the medieval church.

Law As Profession And Practice In Medieval Europe

Author: Ms Melodie Harris Eichbauer
Publisher: Ashgate Publishing, Ltd.
ISBN: 1409482545
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Professor Brundage has shown the topicality of his research in 1 James A.
Brundage, The Medieval Origins of the Legal Profession: Canonists, Civilians,
and Courts (Chicago, IL, 2008). 2 See James A. Brundage, “The Cambridge
Faculty of Canon Law and the Ecclesiastical Courts of Ely,” in Patrick Zutshi (ed),
Medieval Cambridge: Essays on the Pre-Reformation University (Woodbridge,
Suffolk, 1993), pp. 21-45. the history of the legal profession, and I hope this
Chapter 10 IO ...

Law Sex And Christian Society In Medieval Europe

Author: James A. Brundage
Publisher: University of Chicago Press
ISBN: 9780226077895
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Focusing on the Church's own legal system of canon law, James A. Brundage offers a comprehensive history of legal doctrines–covering the millennium from A.D. 500 to 1500–concerning a wide variety of sexual behavior, including marital ...

Law Person And Community

Author: John J. Coughlin
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199877181
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... medieval universities had significant faculties of canon and civil law.3 The
members of the medieval universities did not define the value of knowledge
primarily in terms of its functional utility. It was not. 1. Aristotle, Metaphysics
982b12, in 2 The Complete Works of Aristotle, The Revised Oxford Translation
1554 (Jonathan Barnes ed., Princeton University Press 1985). 2. See James A.
Brundage, The Medieval Origins of the Legal Profession, Canonist, Civilians, and
Courts 221–222 ...

The Oxford Handbook Of Women And Gender In Medieval Europe

Author: Judith M. Bennett
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191667307
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Lydia G. Cochrane (Washington, DC: Catholic University of America Press, 1995)
, 55–77 and 112–17; James A. Brundage, The Medieval Origins of the Legal
Profession: Canonists, Civilians, and Courts (Chicago: University of Chicago
Press, 2008), 75–125; for England, see R. H. Helmholz, The Ius Commune in
England (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2001), esp. 3–15; and Brundage, The
Medieval Origins of the Legal Profession, 248 and 368–69. 4. Jane F. Gardner,
Women in ...

The Role Of The Arab Islamic World In The Rise Of The West

Author: N. Al-Rodhan
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 0230393217
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34; von Moschzisker, 'The Historic Origin of Trial by Jury II', p. 84. 5. J. A.
Brundage (2008), The Medieval Origins of the Legal Profession:Canonists,
Civilians and Courts (Chicago: Chicago University Press), pp.75–7. 6. Fukuyama,
'Transitionstothe Ruleof Law', p. 34. 7. J. Strayer (1973), Onthe Medieval Origins
of the Modern State (Princeton: Princeton UniversityPress), pp.7,10. 8. J. S.
Sterlingand W.E. Moore (1987), 'Weber's Analysis of Legal Rationalization:
ACritiqueand ...

Papacy Monarchy And Marriage 860 1600

Author: David d'Avray
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1316299279
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features' of Roman-canonical legal procedure.24 The plaintiff provided an initial
list of propositions, called positiones or articuli.25 The defendant could add
further propositions: responsiones. The final set ... Trattati 'De positionibus'
attribuiti a Martino de Fano in un codice sconosciuto dell'Archiginnasio di
Bologna (B 1794, 2795) (Milan, 1935) (less helpful than one might hope); J.
Brundage, Medieval Origins of the Legal Profession: Canonists, Civilians and
Courts (London, 2008), pp.

Stephan Kuttner In Amerika 1940 1964

Author: Andreas Hetzenecker
ISBN: 9783428122257
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Main description: Der deutsche Jurist jüdischer Herkunft Stephan Kuttner (1907-1996) flüchtete zu Beginn des Zweiten Weltkriegs in die Vereinigten Staaten von Amerika.

Beitr Ge Zur Kulturgeschichte Der Gelehrten Im Sp Ten Mittelalter

Author: Frank Rexroth
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... der Welt der Laien23'. Der Herausgeber schuldet einer ganzen Reihe von
Personen Dank: den Autorinnen und Autoren des Bandes, den Teilnehmern der
Tagung, deren kritische Nachfragen in 18) Daniela Rando, Dai margini la
memoria. Johannes Hinderbach (1418-1486), Bologna 2003. 19) Verger, Gens (
wie Anm. 7), S. 8. 20) Kintzinger, Wissen (wie Anm. 7). 21) James A. Brundage,
The Medieval Origins of the Legal Profession. Canonists, Civilians, and Courts,
Chicago 2008.