The Great Ming Code Da Ming Lu

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The present book is the first English translation of The Great Ming Code (Da Ming lu), which reached its final form in 1397.

The Mandate Of Heaven And The Great Ming Code Asian Law Series

Author: Yonglin Jiang
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xiii The Mandate of Heaven and The Great Ming Code 1 ... Zhu Yuanzhang,
Yuzhi Dagao sanbian DGXB Zhu Yuanzhang, Yuzhi Dagao xubian DLSY Lei
Minglin, Du suoyan DMB Goodrich ... Hongwu yuzhi quanshu JAS Journal of
Asian Studies JHXZ Da Ming lülijuhui xizhu JJFL Gao Ju, Da Ming lüjijiefuli
JMBW Zhu ...

Forgery And Impersonation In Imperial China

Author: Mark P. McNicholas
Publisher: University of Washington Press
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Cambridge, MA: Harvard University Asia Center, 2007. Chen, Fu-mei Chang. ...
Studies in East Asian Law. Princeton: ... Reprint, Journal of Asian Legal History
Reprint Series, no. 1. ... Da Ming lüjijie fuli [Great Ming code with collected
explanations and appended substatutes]. Ming ... In Jinshen lu [List of Chinese

Constitutionalism In Asia

Author: Wen-Chen Chang
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1 Constitution Making and State Building I. INTRODUCTION In Asia, attempts to
set down the structures and rules of ... Like Ashoka's Edicts, this was more a
series of moral precepts and injunctions than a blueprint for limited government.
... were the Ancestral Injunctions or Huang Ming Zu Xun (皇明祖训)3 and the
Great Ming Code or Da Ming Lu (大明律),4 which, ... Legal Culture in Early Ming
China' (2007)2(1) Frontiers of History in China 25. them as state-centric codes
designed to ...

American Book Publishing Record

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349 Law Of Specific Jurisdictions & Areas JIANG, Yonglin. 349.5 1'09'023 The
Great Ming Code: Da Ming lu / Jiang Yonglin. Seattle: University of Washington
Press, c2004. p. cm. (Asian law series; no. 17) Includes bibliographical
references ...

Guide To International Legal Research

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information on judgments at various levels in the Chinese legal system. The
Great Ming Code (Da Ming lu). Translated and ... This book is the first English
translation of the Great Ming Code and includes an introduction about the history
and structure of this important document. An Introduction to the ... Harvard East
Asian ...

Concubinage And Servitude In Late Imperial China

Author: Hsieh Bao Hua
Publisher: Lexington Books
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Jiang Yonglin, The Great Ming Code/Da Minglü, p. ... to execute his private
punishment in such cases until the Yuan law promulgated between 1330 and
1340 (QC, juan 25, pp. ... 74; James L. Watson, “Transaction in People: The
Chinese Market in Slaves, Servants, and Heirs,” in Asian and African ... Wei
Qingyuan, Wu Qiyan, and Lu Su, Qingdai nubi zhidu, pp.128-144; and Chu
Gansheng, Nubishi, p.

Comparative Law

Author: John Henry Merryman
Publisher: Lexis Nexis Matthew Bender
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Historical Development of the Civil Law Tradition in Europe, Latin America, and
East Asia John Henry Merryman, David ... GREAT QING CoDE (Wflliam C. Jones
trans., 1994); J IANG YoNGLIN, THE GREAT MING CoDE: DA MING LU (2005).

Asia Major

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the "Law" section of Zuxun lu, which is reiterated in the revised Huang Ming
zuxun. It concerns the punishment of ... and Jiang Yonglin, The Great Ming Code:
Da Ming Li> (Seattle: U. Washington P., 2005). 56 See Hongwu yuzhi quanshu, p

Arts Of Asia

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On September 14th, 1368, Zhu's General Xu Da led the Great Ming Northern
Expedition Army into the Yuan capital Dadu, present day Beijing, and occupied
the city. ... Xun or "House Law" which outlined the powers and duties given to his
sons and daughters and their heirs. ... The Hongwu emperor also laid down the
general principles of governance, the Da Ming Lu (Great Ming Code) and
established ...