Small Damages

Author: Beth Kephart
Publisher: Penguin
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Finally, and most essentially, Small Damages would have remained a mere book
of dreams had not a few remarkable things occurred. The first happened in the
summer of 2010, when my friend Jill Santopolo shared a book she thoughtI might
love,a bookeditedby herPhilomel colleague, Tamra Tuller. Idid love that book—
saw in it meaning andbeauty—and began amanymonth correspondence with
Tamra that elevated my understandingof Small Damagesand what itmight be.
Tamra ...

Calculating Construction Damages

Author: William Schwartzkopf
Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online
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and consumption of small tools. Additional small tool costs resulting from owner-
directed changes are recoverable.38 Owner-caused delay may result in
extended contract performance that also increases the need for and use of small
tools. Additional small tool costs resulting from delay are also recoverable.39 In
sum, the cost of additional small tools resulting from an owner's actions or
inactions is another recoverable cost in construction claims.40 [D] Calculation of
Additional Small ...

A Treatise On The Measure Of Damages

Author: Theodore Sedgwick
Publisher: Beard Books
ISBN: 9781587980626
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2 An allowance for nominal damages usually means an allowance of one cent, or
six cents,3 or some such very small sum; but an allowance of one dollar has
been treated as nominal damages.4 Any larger amount could hardly be held
nominal.5 The term is contrasted with substantial damages, which means an
amount assessed as the equivalent of an actually proved loss, however small.
Small damages awarded as compensation for an actually proved but slight loss
are not ...

On Your Own North Carolina Small Claims Court

Author: Mary A. Nixon
Publisher: Universal-Publishers
ISBN: 9781581128857
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MITIGATION OF DAMAGES In determining what damages you are entitled to, the
court is interested in determining whether or not you have attempted to minimize
or cover (i.e., lessen) your damages as mentioned above. As an example,
suppose a pipe supplier breaches his contract to supply pipe to you on March 1 5
. Should you be allowed to recover damages for lost profits from a job where you
could have prevented such a loss by using reasonable efforts to find comparable

Philippine Law On Torts And Damages

Author: J. Cezar S. Sangco
Publisher: Goodwill Trading Co., Inc.
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It has been said that nominal damages means in name only and not in amount.
Such damages are to be distinguished from small damages, since, although they
may be small even to insignificance, they may be substantial in the sense that a
sum may be allowed to the injured party sufficient to compenste him for all the
damages actually sustained. While the law implies damage from the violation of
every right, without proof of actual detriment, it implies the smallest appreciable ...

The Law Of Rights Of Light

Author: Michael Barnes QC
Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing
ISBN: 1509905510
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7.131 natural disinclination to allow a wrongdoer to benefit from a large gain
achieved by his wrongful acts but paying only small damages, and given the
approval of the voluntary release method of damage assessment by the highest
courts, it also seems likely that an award of damages on the basis of the result of
a voluntary and hypothetical negotiation for the release of rights can be expected
to be made in all but exceptional cases when an injunction is not issued. A
possible ...

Mayne S Treatise On Damages

Author: John Dawson Mayne
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And Holroyd, J., ^nsubird concurred, saying, " The probability of a recovery in an
action parties, against this defendant might keep down the damages on the ,
count of trover. In an action against a sheriff for an escape, small damages are
often given on the ground that the debt is not extinguished ; and the whole
amount may afterwards be recovered, notwithstanding the recovery against the
sheriff" (q). I apprehend, however, with great submission that these dicta cannot
be relied on.


Author: Brian A. Blum
Publisher: Aspen Publishers Online
ISBN: 0735562415
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(Infact, Comment d to §356 states that thesection is not applicableto a term that
fixes damages in an unreasonably small amount.) Revised UCC §2.718 is
clearer on the distinction between damage limitations and liquidated damages
and it covers both unreasonably large and unreasonably small liquidated
damages. (The revised section eliminates reference to unreasonably large
liquidated damages and Official Comment 3 makes it clear that a term fixing
unreasonably small ...

Special Topics In Structural Dynamics Volume 6

Author: Randall Allemang
Publisher: Springer Science & Business Media
ISBN: 146146546X
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G. Tondreau and A. Deraemaeker Abstract This work investigates the
experimental application of a damage localization technique based on local
modal filters on a small clamped-free steel plate equipped with eight
piezoelectric (PVDFs) sensors, and excited with a PZT patch. A small damage
responsible of a small shift of the eigenfrequencies (less than 4%) is introduced
at different locations by fixing a stiffener. By following the guidelines established
in previous numerical studies, ...