Small Arcs Of Larger Circles

Author: Nora Bateson
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"Truly a great and life changing read!" This is an important first collection of essays, reflections and poems by Nora Bateson, the noted research designer, film-maker, writer and lecturer.

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Fine Woodworking

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Cut to the depth of the larger circle marked on the bottom of the foot. Shape ...
Join a rectangular frame, then shape the oval It's astonishing that this small stool
starts out with timber-frame- sized members. To build the ... Prior to assembly, I
bandsaw large arc-shaped hunks from the frame interior. Now, glue up the frame.
Don't worry about clamp marks on the frame edges, because they will be cut
away when you saw the oval. After the glue dries, use the pattern to mark out the

The Technical Educator An Encyclop Dia

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145 and 146, combined into one view, are two designs for wooden gates, and
are so simple that they will scarcely require any instructions as to oopying. The
posts m and n are, of course, to be drawn first ; then the base, A', and moulding, I ;
next the framing, a, b, c, d, of each gate. In Fig. 145 the rail, e, is to be ... centre of
the surrounding circle draw radii passing through the angles of the triangle and
cutting the circle in points, as d and two others. Draw e d, and bisect it by rj; then
the ...

Better Homes And Gardens

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Enlarge chair patterns, below; cut pieces from 2% yards of solid-color fabric. ...
Drill a 1inch hole 12 inches from the point (along the sloping edge of the frame
pieces) to receive wood dowels. ... arc and a 40-inchradius arc. Transfer patterns
to 2-inch plywood; cut four arcs of each size. Large arcs form two center uprights
and two center shelves. Small arcs form outer uprights and top and bottom
shelves. Mark larger arc pieces into fifths; cut four '/2-inch-wide notches that are
half the arc ...

Ohio Archaeologist

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For Hopewell people to have calculated such lengths by the Pythogorean
theorem, assuming that they knew it, and using such as the bar-dot system of
notation would be most formidable for them. ln this frame in Figure 18c of side
lengths of ... integers, it is remarkable that the angle m-i-j is precisely bisected
into two angles m-i-n and n-i-j each of which is labeled alpha (a). lt is very likely
that Hopewell people knew of this bisection and chose this frame for that reason
among others.

The Instructor

Author: Frederick A. Owen
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Q T THIS time of the year the desire to “make FIGURE Zb By Daisy L. Horton ' For
backing the designs almost any kind of paper the desired shade may be used.
The kind used in riinary ... The holly leaves and the rectangles in the borders
were backed with dark reen and the berry in the center of the top an the small
squares on the sides with red. Figs. 3, 3b may be ... Measure a chord of eight
inches on this circle and draw radii of the larger circle through its extremities.
Draw another ...

Boiler Maker

Author: Arthur H. Sherwood
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It is true, in many cases, we draw up the object as if there was no thickness, and
in the layout of the pattern we allow for it, as on an elbow or a ball. The first step
in this problem, as in most any other, is to draw the center line X-X, then the plan,
Fig. 3, which is two circles, the smaller is the center line of material of the inside
edge of the plate and the larger the center of material of the outside edge; divide
these circles into any number of equal spaces, in this case sixteen, then carry
lines ...

The Encyclopaedia Britannica

Author: Hugh Chisholm
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THEODOLITE,* a surveying instrument consisting of two graduated circles placed
at right angles to each other, for the measurement of horizontal and vertical
angles, a telescope, which turns on axes mounted centrically to the circles, and
an alidade for each circle ... The instrument is made in three forms — the Y
pattern, the Everest and the transit. ... To this collar is attached a slow-motion
screw, working against a reaction spring, by which the plate rr can be rotated
through a small arc.