The Ford Gt

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2. Katz, Joseph, New Directions in Race Car Aerodynamics: Designing for Speed
, Robert Bently Automotive Publishers, 1995. 3. McBeath, Simon, Competition
Car Downforce: A practical Guide, G.T. Foulis and Company, 1998. 4. Scibor-
Rylski, A.J., Road Vehicle Aerodynamics, Second Edition, Pentech Press Limited,
1984. CONTACT Author Information: 1. Kent E. Harrison, Performance
Development Supervisor, Ford GT, SVT Engineering, Ford Motor Company, 333
Republic Drive, ...

Proceedings Of The 2000 Sae Motorsports Engineering Conference And Exposition

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A road simulation system based on a suction slot has been developed at the
Langley Full-Scale Tunnel to support aerodynamic testing of race cars.
Performance evaluations compare favorably with existing facilities in terms of
floor boundary layer thickness and vehicle aerodynamic forces. It has been
shown, that in the case of a NASCAR ... Katz, J., "New Directions in Race Car
Aerodynamics, Designing for Speed," Robert Bentley Publishers, 1995 4.
Barnard, R. H., "Road Vehicle ...

Racecar Engineering

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The Racecar Engineering- supported Global Motorsports Congress is to return
for the fourth time, with what is perhaps its strongest line up ever. ... director,
Centre for Automotive Research Durham University ] 1 2:45 The aerodynamic
design of a hydrogen fuel cell-powered land speed record car Kimberly Stevens,
aerodynamic design - The Buckeye Bullet 2, Aerospace Engineering, Ohio State
University PERFORMANCE MATERIALS SESSION 1 4:30 Kinetic energy
recovery system ...

Road Track

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PRESSURE SHOCK ABSORBERS $49 Bilstein's patented self. WARfiing:
IVhycAuse ... For information and a free course catalogue: 860.435.1300 West:
707.939.8000 Fax: 860.435.1321 E mail: speed ... Doug/as Kott Race Car
Aerodynamics Dmtigning tor Speed in Race Car Aerodynamics, Designing for
Speed, by Joseph Katz, Robert Bentley Publishers, 1033 Massachusetts Ave.,
Cambridge, Mass. 02138 ...

Optimal Design Of Complex Mechanical Systems

Author: Giampiero Mastinu
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Design. of. the. Tyre-Suspension. System. of. a. Racing. Car. A racing car should
be designed to improve the performance of the driver– vehicle system.
Unfortunately, at present no readily exploitable driver models seem to be
available. So the optimisation of a racing car refers mainly to the car itself.
Contemporary tuning of both tyre characteristics and suspesnion system is of
crucial importance. One of the main technical challenges is to achieve maximum
cornering speed while ...

Wind Tunnels

Author: Donald Cyril Bain
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The paper discusses use of negative lift devices placed either over the rear axles
of racing cars or near the frontal axle. The choice of aerofoil design and analysis
of the positioning of such wings and their aerodynamic interference with the car
shape is considered. The paper discussed the angle of attack of these devices,
as related to the racing circuit programme. Analysis of the effect of negative lift
devices on acceleration and maximum speed performance of racing cars at
different ...

Automotive Engineering

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Initially fitted to trucks and buses, it will later be offered on cars. ... CADE "
Software Factory" for applications to optimize race car aerodynamic design and
performance. ... Pressure • Temperature • Speed • Voltage • Current Portable
DAQ hardware for: • PCMCIA • Parallel port Flexible DAQ software: • LabVIEW* •
LabWindows'/CVI • ComponentWorks " • VirtualBench For a FREE in-vehicle
DAQ kit with user solutions and DAQ Designer" 96 software, call (800) 433-3488.

Principles Of Highway Engineering And Traffic Analysis

Author: Fred L. Mannering
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Attention to aerodynamic efficiency in design has long been the rule in race and
sports cars; more recently, concerns over fuel efficiency and overall vehicle
performance have resulted in more efficient aerodynamic designs in common
passenger ... cubic meter (kg/m3), CD is the coefficient of drag and is unitless, Af
is the frontal area of the vehicle (projected area of the vehicle in the direction of
travel) in square meters (m2), and V is the speed of the vehicle in meters per
second (m/s).


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This article is the first of a series intended to give the practicing automobile
engineer some insight into the principles of aerodynamics and how they can be
applied to the design of motor vehicles for improvement of performance,
economy, ... A related problem recognised in the racing car world and
encountered to a lesser extent by high-performance road Chicles is that of
aerodynamic lift causing the front or THE JOURNAL OF AUTOMOTIVE
ENGINEERING rear of a vehicle to rise with ...

Solar Engineering

Author: American Society of Mechanical Engineers. Solar Energy Division. Conference
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The aerodynamic design would have been better for a high speed race, where
the skies were clear, the traffic was lighter, and a more powerful array was
available. V. STRUCTURE V.A. Structural Design A goal of the design was for the
vehicle to be lightweight and stiff, but both of these requirements must be
compatible with the desired aerodynamic shape. Following the example of
modern high- performance aircraft, the team chose to use a monocoque
construction which integrates ...