Smart Grid

Author: Stephen F. Bush
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The portmanteau for this is “prosumer.” This leads to a discussion of microgrids,
particularly small microgrids used by consumers allowing them to sell the excess
power that they produce. Finally, the issue of flexibility for the consumer or
prosumer is discussed. This covers aspects related to how well the power grid
can adapt to user preferences. This could include whether the consumer, or even
the prosumer, can operate in a mobile environment. An example is whether the
consumer ...

Agent Mediated Electronic Commerce Designing Trading Strategies And Mechanisms For Electronic Markets

Author: Esther David
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 3642408648
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DAs are a particularly interesting case of dynamics for Computer and Economics
scientists, since product prices and demand/response may fluctuate in an
unpredictable manner, thus giving room for research. Power TAC, initially
launched in 2011 [8], provides a powerful competition benchmark of applying
DAs' theory to real-life problems. It simulates a modern energy market, where
producer, consumer and prosumer needs of electrical power are modeled.
Competing agents act as ...

Yearbook On Space Policy 2012 2013

Author: Cenan Al-Ekabi
Publisher: Springer
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Table 8.4 Technical characteristics of satellite navigation systems Characteristics
GLONASS GPS Galileo BeiDou Country Russia USA EU China Number of
satellites 24 (basic) 24 (basic) extendable to 48 30 (basic) 35 (basic) Number of
orbital planes 3 6 3 3 Number of satellites in each plane 8 4 9 9 Orbital alti- tude (
km) 19,100a 20,200 23,222 38,300 (IGSO), 31,500 (МEO) Number of orbits per
day 2 2 1.7 1 Batteries Range: 7.2 m Power: 1,600 W Range: 17.5 m Power:
1,600 W ...

A Social History Of Contemporary Democratic Media

Author: Jesse Drew
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 113511756X
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The introduction of “pro-sumer” formats, such as S-VHS and Hi-8, raised the bar
on public access video, while new digital platforms such as the Amiga Video
Toaster gave enormous video power and creative potential to the low-budget
producer. Thanks to a burgeoning demand for public access, cable television
outlets for homegrown video spread to many communities nationwide, and a
developing circuit of microcinemas, community media centers, and low-power FM
radio stations ...

Cengage Advantage Books American Government And Politics Today Brief Edition 2012 2013

Author: Steffen Schmidt
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Emergency Power An inherent power exercised by the president during a period
of national crisis. Executive Order A rule or ... USES. OF. PRESIDENTIAL.
POWER. Presidents have at their disposal a variety of special powers and
privileges not available in the other branches of the U.S. government. These
include (1) emergency powers, (2) executive orders, and (3) executive privilege.
... Executive Privilege sumer goods and administer wage and price controls.
Editorial review has ...

The Middle East And South Asia 2013

Author: Malcolm Russell
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
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In ancient times, however, production depended on human and animal energy
for power and thus luxuries and comforts could be enjoyed only by small,
privileged groups—and only through taking wealth from others, both slaves
within ... Claiming divine descent, his successors as kings or Pharaohs exerted
enormous power over society. ... In the mid-24th century BC, however, Sargon,
ruler of Akkad to the north, conquered Sumer and proclaimed himself king of
Sumer and Akkad.

Experiencing Power Generating Authority

Author: Jane A. Hill
Publisher: University of Pennsylvania Press
ISBN: 1934536644
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Already at the end of the 3rd millennium, Shulgi proclaimed himself “Sun of his
land,” or “faithful god, sun of his land” (Seux 1967:46; s.v. dutu). In the same way,
Shu-ilishu of Isin described himself as the “Sun of Sumer.” Such a conception of
kingship, that is identifying the king with the Sun-god, influenced Babylonia as
much as Assyria. Kurigalzu is described as “a judge who investigates matters” (
Seux 1967:66; s.v. dayyānu). “I Am the Sun of Babylon”: Solar Aspects of Royal
Power ...

Handbook Of Research On Sport And Business

Author: S. Söderman
Publisher: Edward Elgar Publishing
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The future envisioned by Alvin Toffler in his trilogy Future Shock (1970), The
Third Wave (1980) and Powershift (1990) is a testament to Toffler's prescience.
His predictions of monumental social, cultural and economic change wrought by
new information technologies and a shift to a prosumer economy have become
reality (Siegel, 2008). Toffler foretold that an increase in knowledge (owing to
new, more effective ways to communicate information) will lead to de-
massification, where ...

Russia And The Commonwealth Of Independent States 2013

Author: M. Wesley Shoemaker
Publisher: Rowman & Littlefield
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From the point of view of the con— sumer, an even more important problem was
that Soviet goods were of such poor quality that they could not be sold abroad.
Gorbachev was already aware of the weaknesses in the system when he came to
power in 1985. During his first year as General Secretary, he put together a team
of younger and better-educated individuals and, at the 27th Party Congress in
Feb— ruary 1986, he put the party on record as favoring economic reform. He
then ...