A Guide To Philippine Legal Materials

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PREFACE When we started our teaching career in 1938 we had the good fortune
of having been assigned to teach the subject of "Torts and Damages." In looking
for teaching materials we found that the textbooks, notes and outlines then
available were patterned and based on the American law on torts. Upon
reflection we felt that the presentation of the subject along the same lines as the
American law on torts was fundamentally erroneous in so far as the Philippine
law on torts was ...

Laws And Jurisprudence On Torts And Damages

Author: Joan S. Largo
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The result of all this is that many common law principles have been engrafted in
our legal system. Perhaps, in no branch of law in the Philippines is the blending
of the common law and the civil law systems better exemplified that in the field of
torts (Ibid., citing Jarencio, Philippine Legal History). 4. In the Philippines, our
concept of torts leans towards its civil law equivalent of culpa aquiliana. Thus, in
Article 2176 of our Civil Code, the following definition appears: "Whoever by act
or ...

General Bulletin

Author: University of Santo Tomás
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Professor Gabriel La O and Air. M. Karaan. TORTS. DAMAGES & LABOR LAWS.
— A study of the principles on torts and damages under the common law and
under the Philippine Law; Workmen's Compensation Act ; and Employers'
Liability Act. Lectures and assignment of cases. One semester, 3 hours a week : 3
units. Textbook: Liehaueo, Cases on Torts and Damages. Professor M. P.
Liehaueo. CRIMINAL PROCEDURE.— The Code of Criminal Procedure (Gen.
Orders No.

Philippine Law Journal

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cause of action in tort would render judicial relief, both in its compensatory and
punitive aspects, inadequate. The special relationship rule and the amplificatory
five-step test have been assailed as "analytically questionable." Whatever the
merits of this and other criticism, decisions applying the five-step test have
invariably heeded the practical wisdom of not "exposing ordinary parties in
commercial contracts to potentially substantial tort damages" which can instill "
hesitancy to contract ...

In Defense Of Tort Law

Author: Thomas Koenig
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[C] Torts against Hate Groups and Hated Individuals The congregation of a black
church in South Carolina obtained tort damages when arsonists burned their
house of worship as part of “the Christian Knights practice of promoting white
supremacist goals through violent ... The Ninth Circuit U.S. Court of Appeals
upheld a $1.2 billion punitive damages award against the estate of the former
president of the Philippines, Ferdinand Marcos, to punish a pattern of human
rights violations.

Directory Of Teachers In Member Schools

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Law, Transportation, and Public Services, Sales, University of the Philippines,
Manuel L. Quezon School of Law; Ateneo Law School & Philippine Law School ;
Bar re- Tlewer in Mercantile Law, U. P., Philippine law School, Manila Law
College & Arellano Law School ; assoc. prof, of law, Univ. of the Philippines since
1939. Subjects: Negotiable Instruments, Agency, Admiralty, Mercantile Law
Review, Torts and Damages. Constitutional Law, Pleading and Brief Making,
Sales, Private ...