Second Decennial Edition Of The American Digest

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Given v. Johnson, 100 N. E. 369,213 Mass. 251. (0kl.1913) Objections to the
introduction of evidence, on the ground that the petition did not state a cause of
action, cannot be reviewed on a transcript.—Cook v. State, 130 P. 300, 35 Okl.
653. ... Behn, Meyer & Co. v. Campbell & Go Tauco, 27 S. Ct. 502, 205 U S. 403,
51 L. Ed. 857. Only questions of law apparent on the record can be considered
by the Supreme Court of the United States on a writ of error, and there can be no
inquiry ...

Decennial Edition Of The American Digest

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Horner v. Daily, 133 N. E. 585, 77 Ind. App. 378. (lnd.App.192S) On the complete
transcript of the proceedings of the board of county commissioners made bv the
auditor, as required by Burns' Ann. St. 1914, f 6023, being part of the record, the
... (Mo.1917) The Supreme Court will take judicial notice of its rerords of prior
attempts to review same case. — Meyer v. Goldsmith, 196 S. W. 745, dismissing
appeal (1914) 171 S. W. 606. 185 Mo. App. 707. Writ of error dismissed
Goldsmith v.

Annotations To Corpus Juris Cyc System

Author: Corpus juris
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tkins v. Atkins. 65 N.E.2d 801, 393 Ill. 202. I.a.App. Consent will not confer
jurisdiction ratione materiae, particularly where it clearl appears that court lacked
such jurisdiction, and any judgment rendered pursuant to such consent is void. ...
Stanton v. Stanton. 18 N.W.2d 654. . Okl. A judgment is not void in the legal
sense for want of jurisdiction unles its invalidity and want of jurisdiction apéscnr
on the record, but is merely vol uble.—Jupe v. Home Owners Loan Corp., 167 P.
2d 46. Va.

Corpus Juris Secundum

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Cai.—Meyer v. State Bd. of Equalization, 267 P.2d 257, 42 C.2d 376. Barrier V.
Alexander, 224 P.2d 436. 100 C.A.2d 497. 1ll.—People v. Davidson, 103 N.E. 2d
600, 411 Ill. 267. Wilson v, Terminal R. Ass'n of St. Louis, 77 N.E.2d -129.333 Ill.
App. ... Contents and nature of pleading (1) Where an amended or supplemental
pleading does not appear in the record, the appellate court will make all such
reasonable presumptions as to its nature and contents as are necessary to
support the ...

West S Smith Hurd Illinois Compiled Statutes Annotated

Author: Illinois
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Regularity of proceedings, burden of proof on review Burden on appeal is on
appellant to demonstrate any error in record, and failure to do so gives
presumption of regularity which attaches to trial court proceedings. ... People v.
Rockett, App. 1967, 85 Ill.App.2d 24, 228 N.E.2d219. Criminal Law 1141(1) 76.
Jury selection, burden of proof on review Defendant who waived his right to a jury
trial eliminated the need to conduct voir dire and Supreme Court would not
presume that had voir ...

The American Digest

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A Digest of All the Decisions of the United States Supreme Court, All the United
States Circuit & District Courts, & the Courts of the Last Resort of All the States &
Territories ... Commercial Banking Co., Id. □093; Meyer v. ... to assign cross
errors, held, that an application showing only 6 days' notice, and, by way of
excuse, matters of fact supported neither by the record nor by affidavit under rule
11. should be overruled. — Peterson v. Western Union Tel. Co. (Ind. App.) 36
N. E. 926.

Page S Nebraska Digest

Author: Ernest Clifford Page
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A Digest of the Decisions of the Supreme Court of Nebraska, as Reported in
Volumes 1 to 60 of the Nebraska Reports, with Citations of All Subsequent
Nebraska Cases by the Court, Grouped Under the Particular Point Or Syllabus,
and with Cumulative References to American Reports, American State Reports,
and Northwestern Reporter, Also a Table of Cases Showing where the Decisions
are Reported and where to be Found in this Digest Ernest Clifford Page. the
manner ...

The Northwestern Reporter

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We discern no error in the record calling for a reversal of the judgment of the
district court, and it must therefore be affirmed. The other judges concur. WILLIS v
. STATE. (Supreme Court of Nebraska. June 27, 1889.) APPEAL-
PRESUMPTIONS. Where a case 1s presented upon the transcript alone, without
a bill of exceptions, instructions given to the trial jury by the district court will be
presumed to be correct, unless they misstate the law, and contain propositions
which could not be held ...

The American Digest Annotated Key Number Series

Author: West Publishing Co., St. Paul
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New v. Jackson, 95 N. E. 328. [f] (N. J.) An assignment of error based on a bill of
exceptions to a refusal to charge a request does not present the question of the
inaccuracy of a statement made by the court in refusing to charge.— (Err. & App.
... 21, requiring each error to be stated in separate paragraphs, an assignment of
error that the court erred in rendering judgment on the complaint and evidence
raises only the question of variance between the pleadings and proof, and the
record ...