Law S Imagined Republic

Author: Steven Wilf
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the Statute Imagined John Young and the New York Protest Against the
Surgeons The last two decades of the eighteenth century comprised the golden
age of American legal reform. Reformers called for replacing frequent clemency
under harsh laws with milder codes and fewer pardons. The prisons, not the
gallows, became the most important instrument of retribution. In the words of
Michel Foucault, penal reform meant the rise of a “gentle way of punishment.”
Influenced by debates ...

The Oracle And The Curse

Author: Caleb Smith
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Whiting Sweeting, Narrative of Whiting Sweeting (Concord, NH: Russell, 1793),
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Sketches, 10.

A Companion To American Legal History

Author: Sally E. Hadden
Publisher: John Wiley & Sons
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Recasting American Liherty: Gender, Race, Law, and the Railroad Revolution,
1865—1920. Cambridge University Press, Cambridge, UK. White, ].D. (1973).
The Legal Imagination: Studies in the Nature of Legal Thought and Expression.
Little, Brown, Boston. Wilf, S. (2010). Law's Imagined Republic: Popular Politics
and Criminal ]ustice in Revolutionary America. Cambridge University Press, New
York. Williams, DE. (2003). “Writing under the Influence: An Examination of
Wieland's ...

Empire Of Liberty

Author: Gordon S. Wood
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The Revolutionary state constitutions and laws struck out at the traditional power
of family and hereditary privilege. ... In a variety of ways the new state laws not
only abolished the remaining feudal forms of land tenure and enhanced the
commercial nature of real estate, they also confirmed a new enlightened
republican conception of the family.77 At the ... Authors now imagined republican
families in which children had much more equal relations with their parents than
in the past.

Michel De Montaigne

Author: Ann Hartle
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Multiplication of our imaginary cases will never equal the variety of the real
examples....there is little relation between our actions, which are in perpetual
mutation, and fixed and immutable laws. ... this way: “Their whole ethical science
contains only these two articles: resoluteness in war and affection for their wives”
(VS208; F154), a formulation clearly reminiscent ofPlato's formula for the
education of soldiers in the Republic: they must be gentle to their own and
ferocious to the enemy.

Complete Works Reprinted Entire From The Last English Edition

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MISCELLANEOUS POEMS. lower animals, was constantly going on, and was
enjoined, under certain circumstances, both by Plato and Aristotle, as a law of
their imagined republic. ... For the fair creature from her bosom gone, With life 's
fresh flowera juet opening in its hand, And all the lovel v thoughts and dreams
unknown, Which, in its clear eye shone Like spring's first wakening ! but that light
was put;— Where went the dew-drop swept before the blast V "The ancient
popular faith ...

The Forum And The Tower

Author: Mary Ann Glendon
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It was in this period that he wrote his dialogues De Republica and De Legibus,
consciously modeled on the two Platonic dialogues he most admired, the
Republic and The Laws. In the former, Cicero dismissed Plato's ideal republic as
imaginary and impractical, and presented his own vision of the ideal state: The
Roman state, based on an unwritten constitution developed over centuries
through trial and experience, with gradual improvements as a result of reflection
on what had gone ...

University Of California Irvine Law Review

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Determining precisely how to measure out pain, to create a new calculus of
punishment, was only beginning to be worked out and only later would be
inscribed in official criminal law statutes. ... French medievalist Alain Boureau, for
example, shows how one of the best known laws of the Middle Ages, the jus
primae noctis, the right of the feudal lord to have sexual relations with the bride of
a vassal on her wedding night, was, in fact, ... STEVEN WILF, LAW'S IMAGINED


Author: Plato
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THE genuineness of the Laws is sufficiently proved (1) by more than twenty citations of them in the writings of Aristotle, who was residing at Athens during the last twenty years of the life of Plato, and who, having left it after his death ...

The Oxford Handbook Of The American Revolution

Author: Edward G. Gray
Publisher: Oxford University Press
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took back with the other.28 Throughout his colloquy on the provinces of jury and
judge, Wilson was not particularly complimentary toward the new republic's
judges. His deprecation was gentle. They filled their offices “usefully and
honorably.” The problem was that “in many respectable courts within the United
States, the judges are not ... gentlemen of professional acquirements.” Lacking
the necessary “acquaintance with the law,” how might judges assist jurors? How
would they ...