Pais Bulletin

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'73 X+468P map (v. 4) (ISBN 90-286- 0333-6) 40 guilders — Journal department,
Academic book services Holland. P.O.B. 66, Groningen, Netherlands Published
by A. W. Sijthoff jointly with the Netherlands International Law Review and under
the ... Washington, D.C., April 12-14, 1973. Am J lnternat Law 67:1-361 N '73
History ♢ Verzljl. J. H. W. International law in historical perspective: pt. 6. Juridical
facts as sources of International rights and obligations. '73 x+861p map (Utrecht

International Books In Print

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David - 1995 - 180p - hb - Dfl154.00 - 90-41 1-0030-X - ne Kluwer [3411
International Law and Fact-Finding in the Field of Human Rights / Ramcharan,
B G - 1983 - 270p - hb - 011209.00 - 90-247- 3042-2 - ne Kluwer [341]
International Law .... viii/305p - DII148.00 - 90-286-0051-5 Vol 5: Nationality and
Other Matters Relating to Individuals - 1972 - viii/518p - DH202.00 - 90-286-0022
-1 Vol 6: Juridical Facts as Sources of International Rights and Obligations - 1973
- x/861p - DH253 00 ...

International Law And Australian Sovereignty In Antarctica

Author: Gillian Doreen Triggs
Publisher: Legal Book Company
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fact that general toleration by the international community in such a decision, to
put it at its lowest, has been the practical means by which a relative title has
become absolute. ... Recueil 516-20; F.A. Mann, 'The Doctrine of Jurisdiction in
International Law' (1964) I Hague Recueil 9, 33-6. 5. (Netherlands v. U.S.) (1928)
2 R.I.A.A. 829, 838. 6. Montevideo Convention on Rights and Duties of States
1933, U.S.T.S. 881, (1934) 28 A.J.I. L., Supp.75; Deutsche Continental Gas-
Gessellschaft v.

The Westminster Review

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The first two lectures are on the “ Nature and Sources of International Law,” and
on the “ History of International Law ” respectively. The Professor defends “
International Law " against the several fallacies that it is to be identified with “
International Morality ;” that it is a fiction altogether ; and that it is far more cogent
than in fact it is. One of the lectures gives_an exhaustive account of Courts of
Prize, and another treats of most of the topics usually gathered up under the head
of “Private ...

The Nature Of Customary Law

Author: Amanda Perreau-Saussine
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1139463217
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To remedy this neglect, a distinguished group of philosophers, historians and lawyers has been assembled to assess the nature and significance of customary law. The book offers fresh insights on this neglected and misunderstood form of law.

The Spanish Origin Of International Law

Author: James Brown Scott
Publisher: The Lawbook Exchange, Ltd.
ISBN: 1584771100
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Scott holds that Vitoria's doctrines, popularized in his important Reflectiones, De Indis Noviter Inventis and De Jure Belli (the text of these are included in the appendix), are in fact the first works to address the law of nations, which ...

East Asian And European Perspectives On International Law

Author: Michael Stolleis
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a diplomat17 and the influence of the so-called German historical school of legal
thought founded by EC. von Savigny (1779-1861), which flourished when the
diplomat-author was posted to Prussia. 18 In my view, Wheaton's enumeration of
the sources of international law became more positivistic as its ensuing editions
appeared, while his definition of international law bore Naturalistic elements
through the editions. 19 If, as Zhang infers, the version Martin translated is the
1855 sixth ...