Jane S Armour And Artillery Upgrades 1996 97

Author: Tony Cullen
Publisher: Janes Information Group
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This guide to cost-effective upgrades shows how to upgrade obsolescent equipment to modern specifications for less than 70per cent of the cost of new vehicles. Detailed information is provided on over 300 manufacturers worldwide.

China S Military Faces The Future

Author: James Lilley
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®China Opts for Copter Carrier, ̄ Far Eastern Economic Review, November 13,
1997, p. 11; Paul Lewis, ®China Seeks Helicopter Carrier, ̄ Flight International,
November 26 to December 2, 1997, p. 18. 200. Ibid. 201. Mikhail Urusov, ®
Destroyers in Exchange for Canned Meat, ̄ Moscow Moskovskiye Novosti,
November 2¥9, 1997, in FBIS-UMA-97–310. 202. Specs from Christopher S.
Foss, ed., Jane's Armour and Artillery, 199697, Coulsdon: Jane«s Information
Group, 1996, p.

Jane S Armour And Artillery

Author: Christopher F. Foss
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In service with the following countries: Country Quantity Czech Republic 182
Hungary 132 Slovakia 90 Manufacturer Hungarian state factories. UPDATED
INTERNATIONAL Tactical Reconnaissance Armoured Combat Equipment
Requirement/Future Scout Cavalry System Development/Description The British
Army had a requirement for a new vehicle called TRACER (Tactical
Reconnaissance Armoured Combat Equipment Requirement) (Jane's Armour
and Artillery 1996-97) while ...

Synchronizing Airpower And Firepower In The Deep Battle

Author: Lt.-Col. R. Kent Lauchbaum
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Gulf War Air Power Study (GWAPS) Summary Report. 5 vols. Washington, D.C.:
GPO, 1993. Hallion, Richard P. Storm over Iraq: Airpower and the Gulf War.
Washington, D.C.: Smithsonian Institution Press, 1992. Jane's All the World's
Aircraft, 1996-97. Alexandria, Va.: Jane's Information Group, 1997. Jane's Armour
and Artillery, 1996-97. Alexandria, Va.: Jane's Information Group,

American Military Heritage

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The Army used it primarily in Europe to counter the Russian armor threat. The
Army phased the last M60A3 models out of active units in late 1992. Source:
Christopher F. Foss, ed., Jane's Armour and Artillery, 1996-97, 17th ed. (
Alexandria, Va., [1996]), Fred W. Crimson, U.S. Military Tracked Vehicles (
Osceola, Wis., 1992). The CH-47 Chinook Helicopter: Originally developed in 1
958, this helicopter began to join units in 1 962. During the Vietnam War, the
principal mission of the ...

Burma S Defence Expenditure And Arms Industries

Author: Andrew Selth
Publisher: Australian National University, Research School of Social Sciences
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7^ Jane's Infantry Weapons 1995-96 (Jane's Information Group, Coulsdon, 1997)
, p.448 and earlier editions. Burma probably also makes its own copy of the
Chinese 60 mm Type 63 mortar. See The Military Powers Encyclopedia: South-
East Asia ... See also Jane's Armour and Artillery 1996-97 (Jane's Information
Group, Coulsdon, 1996), p.728. 83 The Military Balance 1995196, p.161. 84
Personal observation, Rangoon, April 1995. See also Jane's Armour and Artillery
1996-97, ...

Burma S Armed Forces

Author: Andrew Selth
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Interviews and personal observations, Rangoon, April 1995 and November 1996.
See also Jane 's Armour and Artillery 1996-97 (Jane's Information Group,
Coulsdon, 1 996), p. 728. 111. Maung Aung Myoe, The Tatmadaw in Myanmar
Since 1988, p. 26, note 38. 1 12. Personal observation, Rangoon, April 1995.
See also Jane's Armour and Artillery 1996-97, p. 389. Japan has turned a blind
eye to the conversion of Hino and Mazda assembly plants in Burma to military
use, despite a ...

China S Military

Author: Srikanth Kondapalli
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329-30: 1997, p. 302: 1996. pp. 493-94. 1995 p. 518; 1994. p. 518; 1993. p. 499:
1992. p. 334: 1991. p. 235. 1990. pp. 257 & 300; 1989. p. 232; 1988. p. 224:
Janes All the Worlds Aircraft 1997-78 (Surrey: Jane's Information Group. 1997):
Janes Fiyhting Slups 1997-98 (Surrey: Janes Information Group. 1997): Jane's
Infantry Weajxms 1997-98 (Surrey: Jane's Information Group, 1997): Jane's
Armour and Artillery (Surrey: Jane's Information Group. 1997); IISS, Strategic
Siiruey 1996/97 ...

Air Mech Strike

Author: David L. Grange
Publisher: Turner Publishing Company
ISBN: 9781563116162
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Kenneth Macksey, Guderian: Panzer General (London: Greenhill Books lnc.,
1992), 57-97. FM 100-5, Operations (Washington, DC: GPO, 1993), 6-14. Major
Emmett ... Warfare (London: Brassey's Defence Publishers Ltd., 1987), 119. 4 88
Bundeswehr, organizational document received from the German liaison office (
Fort Leavenworth, Kansas: USACGSC, February 1996). http://www.geocities.com
/Penta- gon/Quarters/5265/ozelotssa veday. htm 5 Jane's Armour and Artillery 95
-96, ...