Scientific And Technical Books In Print

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Treatise on Applied Hydraulics. 5th ed. 1967. 12.00 (Pub. by Chapman & Hall).
B&N. Butler, Stanley S. Engineering Hydrology. 1957. 17.20 (ISBN 0-13-277871-
8). P-H. Dake, Jonas M. Essentials of Engineering Hydraulics. 1972. 9.95 (ISBN
... Morris, Henry M. & Wiggert, James M. Applied Hydraulics in Engineering. 2nd
ed. 1972. text ed. 15.00x (68762). Ronald. Pippenger, John H. & Hicks, Tyler G.
Industrial Hydraulics. 2nd ed. 1970, text ed. 10.50 (ISBN 0-07050064-9). McGraw


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King, H. W. Handbook of Hydraulics. McGraw-Hill Book Co. (5th ed., 1963) $15
Lamb, H. Hydrodynamics. Dover Publications (1945) $4 Leliavsky, S. An
Introduction to Fluvial Hydraulics. Dover Publications (1966) $2 McClain, C. Fluid
Flow in Pipes. Industrial Press (2nd ed., 1963) $6 Morkis, H. M. Applied
Hydraulics in Engineering. Ronald Press Co. (1963) $11 Nomenclature on
Hydraulics. Manual 43, American Society of Civil Engineers (1962) $6 Parmikian,
J. Water hammer ...

Books In Print 1994 95

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Laboratory Exercises in Oceanography, 2nd ed. (Illus). 1987, pap, text ed write
for info (0.7/67-1810-3), instr's manual 5.95 (0.7167.1545-6) W H Freeman.
Pipkin, Brian W. Two .... —Hydraulic Valves & Controls. Selection & Application (
Fluid Power & Control Ser. No. 4). (Illus). 272p, 1984, $9.75 (0.8247.7087-0,
Dekker. —Zero Downtime Hydraulics (Illus). 85p, 1989 text ed. 24. 95 (0.929276-
00-0 Amalgam Pub Co Pipper, Audrey G. Nutrition & Medicine. Scientific Subject
Index with ...

Hydraulics And Pneumatics

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G. Hydraulics. 5th ed. New York: The McMillan Co., 1958. Kirk & Rimboi.
Instrumentation. New York: American Technical Society. Kirshner, I. M. (ed.) Fluid
Amplifiers. New York: McGraw-Hill Book Co., Inc., 1966. Klaimovich, E. M.
Hydraulic Control ... Stewart, H. L., and Storer, M. ABC's of Fluid Power and
Student's Workbook. Indianapolis, Indiana: Howard W. Sams 6: Co., 1968.
Stewart, H. L. Hydraulic and Pneumatic Power for Production. 2nd ed. New York:
The Industrial Press, 1963.

Paperbound Books In Print

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Bks Demand UMI. High Temperature Water Systems. 2nd ed. Owen S. Lieberg
LC63-14500 59.30 (ISBN 0.317-10811.5, 2001908). Bks Demand UMI. High-
Voltage Technology. Ed. by Liviu L. Alston. (Illus). 106.50 (ISBN 0-317.09.403-3,
..... M. H. Mawhinney. Vol. 1: Principles of Design & Operations. 121.50 (ISBN 0-
317-26260-2, 2055713); Vol. 2: Fuels, Furnace Types & Furnace Equipment
93.50 (ISBN 0-317-26261-0, 20557.13). Bks Demand UMl. Industrial Hydraulic
Technology ...

Scientific And Technical Books And Serials In Print

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15.95 (ISBN 089863-058-4). Star Pub CA. Pipkin, Bernard W., et al. Laboratory
Exercises in Oceanography. 2nd ed. (Illus). 1986 text ed. 14.95 (ISBN 0-7167-
1810-3); instr's manual 5.95. W H Freeman. Pipkin, Francis M., jt. ed. see
Kleppner, ... Dudley A Pippenger, John H. & Hicks, Tyler G. Industrial Hydraulics.
3rd ed. (Illus). 1979 text ed. 45.95 (ISBN 0-07-050140-8). McGraw. Pippenger,
John J. Hydraulic Valves & Controls: Selection & Application. (Fluid Power &
Control: Vol. 4).

Author: Jared M. Diamond
ISBN: 9789747799149
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