Cooking With Fire

Author: Paula Marcoux
Publisher: Storey Publishing
ISBN: 1603429123
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Revel in the fun of cooking with live fire. This hot collection from food historian and archaeologist Paula Marcoux includes more than 100 fire-cooked recipes that range from cheese on a stick to roasted rabbit and naan bread.

Manual Of Biblical Archaeology

Author: Carl Friedrich Keil
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25, and the views of Egyptian baking operations in Wilkinson, Manners, etc. ii. p.
385. As to the preparation of vegetables and flesh, we learn from Genesis that so
early as the time of Isaac it was customary to prepare soup of lentils (Gen. xxv. 29
, 34) and flesh (xxvii. 14) in very palatable ways. Vegetables, pulse, and herbs
were cooked in pots p'P, 2 Kings iv. 38 ; "Wis, Num. xi. 8 ; Judg. vi. 19 ; "m, 1 Sam.
ii. 14), and seasoned with oil. The flesh was either roasted on a spit at the fire (jfyf
, ...

Encyclopaedia Biblica

Author: Thomas Kelly Cheyne
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The ordinary spit, being of iron, — so much we may infer from the demand that a
spit purchased from an idolater must be cleansed in the fire (A6. Zara. 5 12) —
was ... The passage of the treatise Pesdhtm above referred to speaks further of
roasting, or more exactly of broiling, on a gridiron placed apparently over the
mouth of a tannur or baking oven. The gridiron ... They were also cooked by
being boiled, alone or mixed with various ingredients — such as oil and spices.
The Hebrew ...

Encyclop Dia Biblica

Author: Thomas Kelly Cheyne
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Large pots might be placed on the top of the tannur or baking oven, as at the
present day ; such an arrangement was found to have been in use in the ancient
Lachish (see Bliss, op. cit. 97). ... 126 AV 'hearth of fire,' RV 'pan of fire'), as in
Rameses' kitchen. In Lev. ... The names of various utensils in which food was
actually cooked are differently rendered in EV without _ any attempt at
consistency : pan, kettle, ' |i caldron, pot (in this order is the list given ' in 1 S. 2 14)
. The data at our ...

Upper Egypt Its People And Its Products

Author: Karl Benjamin Klunzinger
Publisher: London : Blackie
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Saturday is named "the Sabbath of the light," from the celebrated sacred fire,
which on this day bursts forth in the Greek Church of the Sepulchre at Jerusalem,
and on this account the Christian brethren there annually get up a spectacle,
which ... A company of friends may take an Easter lamb with them, kill it at the
rendezvous they have selected, and prepare tanur, that is, they cut up the meat in
several pieces and bake it in an improvised earth-oven; or they make shauirma,
that is, the ...

Genesis Judges

Author: William Jenks
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See Rossmn. — Pa*.) See marg. Tha poorer Arabs (so Niebuhr, &c.) still use a
flat iroa plate (marg.) to bake their cakes. Frying pan.] Rosenm. translates
eaeabus (a kettle) after Jarchi, who describes ft (Heb. marckestketk as a deep
vessel. .... Tannur. The cut represents one of these, according to Rosenm. after
Golius. Cakes are cooked by being affixed .o the heated sides, and meat by
placing it on spitsextending across the orifice. Cakes.] 1 Challuth. Lit. perforated,
i. e. cakes so called ...