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Author: Alan Jacobs
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A Guide for the Perplexed Alan Jacobs. Conservatism: Ideas in Profile Roger
Scruton The ideas and principles of conservatism explored and explained by the
world's leading thinker on the subject. Marx, Capital and the Madness of
Economic Reason David Harvey. ISBN 978178125 752 4 eISBN 9781 78283
310 9 ISBN 978178125 874 3 eISBN 9781 78283 3680.

Political Ideas For A Level Liberalism Conservatism Socialism Feminism Anarchism

Author: Neil McNaughton
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While neo-liberals are relaxed about immigration (Rand saw it as a side effect of
free markets and individual choice), neo-conservatives are much more wary (
hence Thatcher's fear that immigration in the 1960s had 'swamped' traditional
communities and Britain's traditional culture). • While neo-liberals are keen to
minimise government spending, in pursuit of what Nozick called the 'minarchist
state'), neo-conservatives are prepared to increase it so as to strengthen the
nation's profile ...

Ideologies Of Conservatism Conservative Political Ideas In The Twentieth Century

Author: E. H. H. Green
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rationing, austerity, and government controls associated with Labour's period in
office.24 According to internal party research, the profile and outlook of these
floating voters was very similar to that of Liberal supporters,25 and the
Conservatives thus made every effort to attract Liberal voters. This included
constructing an official pact with the National Liberal grouping, and, equally
important, seeking to appeal to Liberal supporters 'where no [Liberal]
organisation exists'—a large number ...

Europe A Political Profile

Author: Hans Slomp
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Nowadays, most conservatives speak out strongly in favor of the free-market
economy. Some conservatives advocate state intervention in the economy, but as
a means to reinforce state power rather than to pursue social goals. Of course,
conservatism has traditionally been supported by those in power, including
absolute rulers and the aristocracy. People without any power have also
embraced conservative ideas of society, however, as a natural order, an attitude
that is more ...

Social Theory Ideas In Profile

Author: William Outhwaite
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Ideas in Profile William Outhwaite. extraction of ... His ideas were exceptionally
influential elsewhere in Western Europe, particularly the UK, in the second half of
the twentieth century. They were taken up by ... Hall coined the term 'Thatcherism'
and was one of the most acute analysts of the way in which Mrs Thatcher
combined neoliberal economic dogma, a populist style of politics and a more
traditional nationalistic (and even xenophobic) conservatism in a powerful
synthesis. Is there ...

Truth Ideas In Profile

Author: Simon Blackburn
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... and so require no sudden jumps, retrospective legislation, arbitrary diktats, and
so on. When this is so, there is a sense in which we have 'the rule of law', and in
the absence of this tradition and conservatism (in an unusually good sense of the
word) the security that is the very raison d'être of law crumbles. Stability of
investment, property and contract, and safety itself, wither and perhaps disappear
. Who is going to sow crops if by the summer his property is sequestrated and

Conservative Parties And Right Wing Politics In North America

Author: Rainer-Olaf Schultze
Publisher: Springer-Verlag
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As in the United States, the profile of conservatism in Canada over the last two
decades has been difficult to reduce to core beliefs shared by the voters, the
parties and the political élites. This is not only so, because with regard to
priorities in economic and social policies the Liberal Party, similar to the
Democrats, changed and accepted conservative ideas, so that it became difficult
for the Conservatives to argue that there was a need for electing them to change
course in key sectors of ...


Author: Jerry Z. Muller
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On the history of the term "conservative" in political discourse, see Rudolf
Vierhaus, "Conservatism," Dictionary of the History of Ideas, vol. 1, pp. 477-85;
and the same author's article, "Konservativ, Konservatismus," in Geschichtliche
Grundbegriffe. Historisches Lexikon zur politisch-sozialen Sprache in Deutsch-
land, ed. Otto Brunner, Werner Conze, and Reinhart Koselleck (Stuttgart, 1982),
vol. 3, pp. 531-65. Conservatism in Particular National Contexts Most significant
works on ...

Crisis Of Conservatism

Author: Joel D. Aberbach
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Supply-siders, monetarists, budget cutters, and classical economists wrangled
over budgetary policy.10 Libertarians advocated reduced government, while
many Christian conservatives hoped for activist government to advance the
religious cause. The diversity of ideas underpinning conservatism produced an
unstable, contingent alliance. Confronting a finely woven network of ... Bush gave
education a high profile during his 2000 campaign. The issue provided the
mainstay of his ...