The Cincinnati Courthouse Riot

Author: Steven Rolfes
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Their city and economy had been ravaged by massive flooding from the Ohio River and oppressed by the powerful political machines that ruled the city. In vivid detail, this book portrays the three nights of rioting.

Cincinnati Magazine

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Aftermath of the great riot, March 29, 1884 The rioting began in reaction to the
relatively light sentence dealt to William Berner, a young German, who with
Joseph Palmer, a mulatto, robbed and bludgeoned their employer to death and
threw his body into the Mill Creek. The murderers obtained only $1 .83. The
victim, William Kirk, had been the popular owner of a livery Courthouse library
and records ablaze stable in Cincinnati's Over-the-Rhine district. When the jury
returned a ...

Historic Downtown Cincinnati

Author: Kent Jones
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This rare drawing of William Berner and ]oseph Palmer appeared in the
Cincinnati Commercial Gazette on December 30, 1883. On Christmas Eve 1883,
they murdered their employer, William Kirk. They agreed that whoever struck first
would receive an extra $50. (Bemer got the money.) Their act of violence would
result in a massive riot, the burning of the courthouse, and a change in the
political structure of the city. (From the collection of the Public Library of
Cincinnati and Hamilton ...

Artists In Ohio 1787 1900

Author: Mary Sayre Haverstock
Publisher: Kent State University Press
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Knapp, Henry. Ornamental painter, working in 1870 in Cincinnati (Hamilton); he
was born in Ohio about 1839. See also KNAPP, ADAM H. ^Hamilton Co. census
1870 (#1211). Knapp, J. A. Artist and illustrator, active intermittently in Cincinnati (
Hamilton) from the mid- 187os until 1902 or later. In 1877 he had a studio in
Pike's Opera House, and in 1884, while working at the Strobridge Lithographing
Company, he made sketches of the Cincinnati Courthouse Riot, which were
published ...

Cincinnati A Guide To The Queen City And Its Neighbors

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The CINCINNATI MUSEUM Of NATURAL HISTORY (open 9-5 weekdays; 2-5
Sun.), first floor, has many ... EMERY AUDITORIUM, a modestly decorated hall
with 2,200 seats, was for many years the home of the Cincinnati Symphony
Orchestra. It is often used by outside ... fourth courthouse on the site. In the lobby
on the Main Street side are memorials and markers pertaining to the terrible
courthouse riot of 1884, -which took about 50 lives and resulted in the destruction
of the building.

Cincinnati S Golden Age

Author: Betty Ann Smiddy
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Underneath the building were stone~lined tunnels, used as hog runs to the
slaughterhouses near the market—the tunnels became a refuge for citizens
during the courthouse riot of 1884. Mt. Adams, with the Rookwood Pottery and
Holy Cross Roman Catholic Church and Monastery, is in the background. Behind
the market house is the courthouse. (opimsite) Samuel Hannaford was born April
10, 1835, in Devonshire, England. His family settled on a 38.5~acre farm in
Cheviot in 1845.

Boss Cox S Cincinnati

Author: Zane L. Miller
Publisher: Ohio State University Press
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... hard to tie Horstmann to McLean and Bernard and "the order of things . . . ten
years ago." Claiming that McLean had inspired the Citizens' movement, the
paper gave the charred shirt of the courthouse riot a thorough airing. "Fresh in the
minds of all," it asserted, "are the stormy scenes of political demoralization in
Cincinnati," the "reflections of the fires that consumed the Court-house" and "the
rattle of the Gatling guns and rifles of GEORGE B. COX AND THE QUEST FOR

The Cincinnati Subway

Author: Allen J. Singer
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
ISBN: 9780738523149
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Today, two miles of empty subway tunnels still lie beneath Cincinnati, waiting to be used. The Cincinnati Subway tells the whole story, from the turbulent times in the 1880s to the ultimate failure of "Cincinnati's White Elephant.

Cincinnati Magazine

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D He fell in love with a girl named Jeannie and he was ready to make a
permanent commitment, but she said she needed her own space. D He didn't
have much money at the time and a steady diet of chili and White Castles almost
killed him. D He was arrested for playing the banjo within thirty feet of the curb,
could not pay the fine and so agreed to leave town. 3. The Courthouse Riot in
1884 which destroyed the building and resulted in the death of fifty-six persons
was caused by: D A ...

Over The Rhine

Author: Michael D. Morgan
Publisher: Arcadia Publishing
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In 1889, the Haymarket riot in Chicago and the courthouse riot were still fresh
topics. ... None of this was lost on Governor Foraker, who also drew comparisons
between the courthouse riot and the Saloonkeepers' Rebellion. ... He wrote in his
memoirs: “We had had enough experience in Cincinnati in connection with the
burning of our Court House and the mobrule and the rioting that followed to
cause me to feel that there was no safety against such dangers except by
crushing such ...