By Reason By Reflection By Everything

Author: P. O. Dixon
Publisher: Regents and Cotswold Book Group
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A Pride and Prejudice Variation P. O. Dixon. BY REASON, BY REFLECTION, BY
Chapter 28 Chapter 29 Chapter 30 Chapter 31.

Jane Austen And Her Art

Author: Mary Lascelles
Publisher: A&C Black
ISBN: 9780485121131
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It will need to be all the more carefully handled for this reason. There is, I think, a
slight jerk in the transition from the sto of the elder Mrs. Dashwood's fortunes to
the celebrate discussion of her prospects between her stepson and his wife; but
this may be allowable in the openings In Pride and Prejudice, with its many
outstanding passages of dialogue, which resemble in their completeness scenes
of a play, this difficulty often besets the narrator and is narrow exqaded. Emma
contains ...

Nineteenth Century Literature Criticism

Author: Russel Whitaker
Publisher: Gale Cengage
ISBN: 9780787686345
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This very brief analysis of the plot of Pride and Prejudice shows a structure that is
at once dynamic and ordered. Darcy, who could not propose to Elizabeth in the
midst of her ... Once the truth is clear, meaningful reflection and action become
possible. This meeting at Hunsford, therefore, is the watershed ... 12) Darcy offers
causes for effects when he explains Bingley's presence in London and the
reason for Wickham' s lies. Then, in Chapter 36 (II. 13), Elizabeth judges the
causes and ...


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And in a profound sense, these three major variations are either reflections or
inversions of each other's structural organizations. The most familiar pattern is the
... Alexandrian prose romance, its typically comedic ending follows upon the
removal of those obstacles impeding union, obstacles which may range from
geographical separation (as in Tom Jones) and sociological barriers (Pamela) to
psychological misunderstandings (Pride and Prejudice). Less frequently,
courtship plots ...

Beyond The Books

Author: Francis Russell Hart
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reflections on learning and teaching Francis Russell Hart. [S]eeing nothing that
existed worthy of my exalted feelings, ... I begin by acknowledging the oft-claimed
maturity of Emma (no developmental inquiry can truly begin anywhere but with
maturity), then move back to Pride and Prejudice, jump forwards to Persuasion,
stop to introduce materials and issues of biographical context, and return finally
to Emma for a second reading. This finale rests on Performing to Strangers 149.

The Philosophical Works Of David Hume

Author: Thomas Hill Green
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Men of cool reflection are not so sanguine in their praises of it. ... The pain, which
we receive from its tendency to the prejudice of society, is over-power'd by a
stronger and more immediate sympathy. Thus our explication of the merit or
demerit, which attends the degrees of pride or self-esteem, may serve as a strong
argument for the preceding hypothesis, by shewing the effects of those principles
above explain'd in all the variations of our judgments concerning that passion.
Nor will ...


Author: Jane Austen
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