Bette Joan

Author: Shaun Considine
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In real life they fought over as many man as they did film roles. The story of these two dueling divas is hilarious, monstrous, and tragic, and Shaun Considine’s account of it is exhaustive, explosive, and unsparing. “Rip-roaring.

Bette And Joan The Divine Feud

Author: Shaun Considine
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The women worked together only once, in the classic thriller WHATEVER HAPPENED TO BABY JANE?, in which their violent hatred of each other as rival sisters was no act.

The Great Movies Iii

Author: Roger Ebert
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... in one of Hollywood's best gothic grotesqueries. The story involves sisters who
were once movie stars, played by Bette Davis and Joan Crawford. The casting is
one of the crucial successes of the film, although it is hard to imagine how Aldrich
convinced the two divas to appear together. Rivals since the 1930s, competitive,
vain, and touchy, they by all accounts hated each other in real life. Indeed, a book
was written about their mutual disdain, Bette and Joan: The Divine Feud (1989).

Movie Stars Do The Dumbest Things

Author: Margaret Moser
Publisher: Renaissance Books
ISBN: 9781429978378
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Doris Day

Author: Garry McGee
Publisher: McFarland
ISBN: 1476603219
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Bette Davis

Author: Laura Moser
Publisher: Haus Pub
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FAMILY MEMOIRS Bette Davis wrote two autobiographies, The Lonely Life with
Sanford Dody (New York: 1961) and This V That with Michael Hershkowitz (New
York: 1987). ... Considine, Shaun, Bette and Joan: The Divine Feud (London:
1989): an extremely entertaining gimmick contrasting the lives of the Golden 170
FURTHER READING Age's best-publicised rivals, Bette Davis and Joan

The United States Patents Quarterly

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for publishing, or allowing to be published, an excerpt of his book Bette and Joan:
The Divine Feud without obtaining his approval of the magazine's changes to the
manuscript. He alleges copyright infringement, violation of the Lanham Act, and
additional pendent state law claims. Defendants have moved for summary
judgment dismissing the copyright infringement and Lanham Act causes of action
. Background Considine wrote a book entitled Bette and Joan: The Divine Feud.

Studio Affairs

Author: Vincent Sherman
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While working on this chapter about Joan, I received a call from Shaun Considine
, the author of a Streisand biography. He was working on Bette and Joan: The
Divine Feud and asked me for some information about them. When I told him that
I was writing an autobiography, he was most gracious and offered me the
following: in a past interview Crawford had said, "There were only two directors
from the fifties and sixties that I respected — Vincent Sherman and David Miller.

Ladies Home Journal

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CD ^^^^^k ette Davis and B Joan Crawford m were two of the biggest stars —
and most memorable characters — that Hollywood ever produced. The roaring
rivalry that flared up between them when they were starlets lasted for five
decades. Even death doesn't seem to have put an end to the feud: Bette still
speaks vehemently and often about Joan — just as if her rival were alive.
Perhaps it was the competition for men, for roles or simply the clash of their larg-
er-than-life personalities ...

Joan Crawford

Author: David Bret
Publisher: Da Capo Press
ISBN: 9780786718689
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As for the more severe disciplining incidents, according to witness statements (
see Appendix VI), almost certainly these never happened. Additionally, Cathy
Crawford told People magazine in 1981, 'She was tough on us, sure. You'd get a
swat once in a while, but none of that physical beating - the coat-hangers. I think
Christina must have been in another household.' Sean Considine (Bette & Joan:
The Divine Feud) also quotes Cindy Crawford as having said, 'I think Christina
was ...