British And Irish Archaeology

Author: Anthony King
Publisher: Manchester University Press
ISBN: 9780719018756
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World survey of wetland archaeology and the characteristic finds from it. 1.254
Coles, ].M..,The Archaeology of Wetlands, 1.268 1984. Stresses the importance
of waterlogged deposits in archaeology, and discusses approaches and methods
of study. 1.255 Coles, J. M., and Coles, Bryony (eds.), 1.269 The Archaeology of
Rural Wetlands in England, 1989. Conference papers on 1.270 individual areas
and on more general issues. 1 .256 Crane, Eva, The Archaeology of Beekeeping,

Beekeeping For Poverty Alleviation And Livelihood Security

Author: Rakesh Kumar Gupta
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 9401791996
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Bee World 74:12–14 Caldeira J (2007) American beekeeping history, the
beehive: John's Beekeeping Notebook. http://
/ Chemurot M (2011) Beekeeping in Adjumani District, Uganda. Bee World 58–61
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461; (568): 504–505 Crane E (1983) The archaeology of beekeeping. Duckworth
, London, 360 p Crane E (1990) Bees and beekeeping: science, practice and
world ...

Top Bar Beekeeping

Author: Les Crowder
Publisher: Chelsea Green Publishing
ISBN: 1603584625
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Dr. Eva Crane, in her book The Archaeology of Beekeeping, describes the many
wonderful and inventive ways that beekeepers have housed bees throughout
time. Each hive demonstrates its own unique set of advantages and
disadvantages for the beekeeper. Although many spaces make fine homes
forbees, beekeepers want hives that can bemanipulated to serveour purposes.
Ideally, these hives havea uniform shape andsize,sothat wecan movecombs from
one hive toanother ...

The Beekeeper S Handbook

Author: Diana Sammataro
Publisher: Cornell University Press
ISBN: 0801485037
Size: 61.59 MB
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Bonnev, R, E. Hive Management: A Seasonal Guide for Beekeepers. Powrtal, Vt.:
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of Ag, Ext. Serv., 1984. ' Crane, E. The Archaeology of Beekeeping. Ithaca, N.Y.:
Cornell ...

The Culture Of Animals In Antiquity

Author: Sian Lewis
Publisher: Routledge
ISBN: 1351782495
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J.H. Breasted, Ancient Records of Egypt (Chicago 1906). D.J. Brewer, D.B.
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L. Grivetti, Food: ...

Bibliography Of Commonwealth Apiculture

Author: Richard Jones
Publisher: Commonwealth Secretariat
ISBN: 0850927714
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ISBN 0-86098-033-2 [En, B] Annotated list of 171 publications, grouped under
country, with an introduction. Crane, E. Bibliography of tropical apiculture. Part 4.
Beekeeping in Asia east of India. London, UK; International Bee Research
Association. (1978) 12 pp. ISBN 0-86098-034- 0 [En, B] Annotated list of 127
publications, grouped under country, with an introduction. Crane, E. The
archaeology of beekeeping. London, UK; Duckworth. (1983) 360 pp. ISBN 0-
7156-1681-1 [En, B] This ...

Honey Bees

Author: Stephen Buchmann
Publisher: Delacorte Books for Young Readers
ISBN: 0375895574
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“The Past and Present Status of Beekeeping with Stingless Bees." Bee World 73,
no. 1: 29-42. Crane, E. 1990. Bees and Beekeeping: Science, Practice and World
Resources. Cornell University Press. Ithaca. NY. Crane. E. 1983. The
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Virgil. 1982. Georgics, trans. L. P. Wilkinson. Penguin Books. New York. Weaver,
N.. and ...

Anglo Saxon Farms And Farming

Author: Debby Banham
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191667315
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R. D., 'Goose', in ...