Absolute Monarchy And The Stuart Constitution

Author: Glenn Burgess
Publisher: Yale University Press
ISBN: 9780300065329
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In this ambitious reinterpretation of the early Stuart period in England, Glenn Burgess contends that the common understanding of seventeenth-century English politics is oversimplified and inaccurate.

The Cosmopolitan Constitution

Author: Alexander Somek
Publisher: OUP Oxford
ISBN: 0191030929
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See James I, The trve law of free monarchy, or, The reciprocall and mutuall duty
betvvixt a free king and his naturall subjects by a well affected subject of the
kingdome of Scotland (London: T.P., 1642). For an introduction, see Hart, note 14
at 79–83. For the period of James II, the relevant defense of monarchical rule is,
of course, Robert Filmer, Patriarchia, or the Natural Power of Kings (London:
1680). 39 Glenn Burgess, Absolute Monarchy and The Stuart Constitution (New
Haven: ...

Margaret Cavendish

Author: Lisa Walters
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 1107066433
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In doing this contextualization, one notices that the politics of the text do not
easily fit within the conceptual framework of absolutism, divine right or
monarchical understandings of political and corporeal bodies. This chapter will
investigate Cavendish's political theory in The ... Science', English Literary
History 64.2 (1997): 465. 2 3 See Glenn Burgess, Absolute Monarchy and the
Stuart Constitution 138 The politics of free will in The Blazing World: Hobbes,
Paracelsus and absolute rule.

Freedom Of Speech In Early Stuart England

Author: David Colclough
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521847483
Size: 31.19 MB
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... Early Modern England: News Culture and the Overbury Affair, 1601-1660 (
Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2002); Andrew McRae, Literature,
Satire, and the Early Stuart State (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press, 2004
);]. H. Hexter (ed.), Parliament and Liberty from the Reign of Elizabeth to the
English Civil War (Stanford: Stanford University Press, 1992); Glenn Burgess,
Absolute Monarchy and the Stuart Constitution (New Haven: Yale University
Press, 1996); Skinner, ...

Reformations Of The Body

Author: J. Waldron
Publisher: Springer
ISBN: 1137313129
Size: 41.46 MB
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All citations ofThe Whore ofBabylon aretoMarianne Gateson Riely's edition (
NewYork:Garland, 1980). Line numbers arecitedin the text. 15. For James's
complex relationship to English Catholics, seeLeo Solt, Church andStatein Early
Modern England, 1509–1640 (New York and Oxford: Oxford UniversityPress,
1990),147–53; Glenn Burgess, Absolute Monarchy and the Stuart Constitution (
New Haven & Yale University Press, 1996); Roger Lockyer, The Early Stuarts:
APolitical History ...


Author: Brett Bowden
Publisher: Univ. of Queensland Press
ISBN: 9780702235993
Size: 77.65 MB
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His publications include The Politics of the Ancient Constitution: An Introduction
to English Political Thought 1603-1642 (1992), Absolute Monarchy and the Stuart
Constitution (1996), and as editor, The New British History: Founding a Modern
State 1603- 1115 (1999). He has written many essays and articles on early
modern English political thought. He is currently editing, with Howell Lloyd and
Simon Hodson, a multi-authored history of European political thought 1450-1700,
to be ...

The Early Stuarts

Author: Roger Lockyer
Publisher: Addison-Wesley Longman
ISBN: 9780582277687
Size: 37.62 MB
Format: PDF
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21, 1970, and 'Cosmic Harmony and Political Thinking in Early Stuart England',
Transactions of the American Philosophical Society, Vol. 69, Part 7 (Philadelphia,
1979). glen burgess deals with the same subject in Absolute Monarchy and the
Stuart Constitution (1996), as does sommerville in 'James I and the Divine Right
of Kings: English Politics and Continental Theory' in linda levy peck (ed.), The
Mental World of the Jacobean Court (Cambridge, 1991). Two other relevant
essays ...

Tradita Et Inventa

Author: Manuel Baumbach
Publisher: Universitaetsverlag Winter
Size: 43.72 MB
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... of Absolute Monarchy in Seventeenth-Century England," in: Historical Journal
21, 1978, 227-250; G. Burgess, Absolute Monarchy and the Stuart Constitution,
New Haven/London 1996. Zum Parlament: M. Mendle, „Parliamentary
sovereignty: a very Ein wesentlicher Aspekt in dieser Diskussion bestand in der
Frage, Ulf Scharrer (Halle / Salle) Robert Filmer, John Milton, William Prynne und
die aristotelische Theorie der Monarchie.

Aspekte Der Politischen Kommunikation Im Europa Des 16 Und 17 Jahrhunderts

Author: Luise Schorn-Schütte
Publisher: Oldenbourg Verlag
Size: 13.35 MB
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dies möglicherweise den Fehler, nicht genau genug zwischen eher allgemein
gehaltenen Apologien der Monarchie als Verfassungsform und der Herrschaft
der Stuarts einerseits und konkreten Stellungnahmen zu aktuellen politischen
Auseinandersetzungen andererseits zu unterscheiden. Keineswegs jeder Autor,
der den unantastbaren Herrschaftsanspruch des ... ders., Absolute Monarchy and
the Stuart Constitution. New Haven, Conn. 1996, 17-62. 16 Sommerville, The
Ancient ...

A Confusion Of Tongues

Author: Charles W. A. Prior
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 0199698252
Size: 55.98 MB
Format: PDF, Mobi
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... Wars of Religion, Revisited (Ashgate, 2011), 1–26. 2 For a brief critical
assessment, see Kevin Sharpe, 'Religion, Rhetoric, and Revolution in
Seventeenth Century England', HLQ, 57 (1994), 255–99, esp. 255–65. 3 Glenn
Burgess, Absolute Monarchy and the Stuart Constitution (Yale, 1. Introduction:
The State of the Church.