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A Reprint of the Last (1880) Edinburgh and London Edition of Chambers'
Encyclopaedia, with Copious Additions by American Editors. Free-spirit. dral; an
Essay on Window ... Mass.; graduated at Harvard, and in 1782 was' a reader in
King's chapel, an Episcopal church in Boston, and the first of that order in New
England. Subsequently he became a Unitarian, ... philanthropic man, and was
one of the founders of the Massachusetts historical society. His was the first
Unitarian church in ...

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AzTeS NUC75–682 Greenwood, Davydd J Nature, culture, and human history : a
bio-cultural introduction to anthropology Davydd J. Greenwood, William A. Stini. –
New York ... Originally presented as the author's thesis, Columbia, 1943 Reprint
of the ed. published by King's Crown Press, New York. Bibliography: ... A history
of King's chapel, in Boston, the first Episcopal church in New England;
comprising notices of the introduction of Episcopacy into the northern colonies.
By F. W. P. ...

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The pronunciation of English words, however, has changed, as, for example, tea
two centuries ago was called " tay," and other instances mignt be adduced. The
sound of certain words changed, not the spelling, after "the alphabet was applied.
" W. WADR- What is the explanation of such a contradictory state of affairs as that
the congregation worshipping In King's Chapel. Boston, while I'nltarlan (or at
least non-Episcopal) use a slightly modified liturgy of the Church of England?

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During the Sardinian war with Austria he gave especial attention to the
construction and handling of the French army, and wrote comments thereon
showing how it could be beaten, which got into print as Militiirmhe Denlcschrift
and gave rise to .... 22d April 1759, in Charlestown, Mass., graduated in his
nineteenth year at Harvard, went to Quebec, whence he returned and began to
officiate as ' a lay reader in 17S2 in King's Chapel, Boston, the oldest Episcopal
church in New England.


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There began the Puritan movement. f One of those especially licensed men from
Cambridge was Thomas Cartwright, who, after having been banished to
Switzerland for a time, formulated for England the Presbyterian scheme, shaped
out of Calvin's Genevan ... He first gathered a little group at Norwich, according to
Dr. Dexter, the great historian of Puritan New England, which became the first
Congregational Church in history. ... Kings Chapel in Boston is our one link with
the Puritan.

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And how did that particular modification come to be made, it not being the one
used in the Episcopal Church of the United States? Do you know whether
Massachusetts is an intensely " common law " State? The King's Chapel, Boston,
is the home of a Unitarian congregation. In many Unitarian churches in England
a. liturgy much like that of the Anglican Church is used, and we presume that the
congregation of King's Chapel followed the English custom. It is treating the
Episcopalian ...