1927 Birthday Notebook

Author: Montpelier Publishing
ISBN: 9781542923811
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This 60 page ruled notebook will make a great practical alternative to a birthday card, as it can be used and appreciated long after the birthday is over!

Business Week

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Why greeting-card makers struggle to find new customers: ▻ Annual growth of
card sales is 1% or less ▻ Up to 85% of cards are bought by women 30 to 59
years old ▻ Consumers in their teens and 20s buy few cards r VAIO SOS
SuperSlim Notebook As small as a magazine. DATA WHEAT FIRST BUTCHER
SINGES VIVENDI. ... 3 greeting-card company, and chuckles over the punch line:
"I just had to make a big dill about your birthday." Until last year, Moro had spent
12 years as ...

Press Summary Illinois Information Service

Author: Illinois. Information Service
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(Effingham) At a glance (Quincy) School notebook (S-T) 15 Scandals
demonstrate magnitude of school challenge (S-T) Schools most in need get the
least (Trib) Old capitol birthday (Spfla) Mystery of bloody sleeping bag at UIS
solved (Spfla) 16 Exporters learn about making local connections (So. Ill.)
Defeated in their bid to eliminate chief Illiniwek, politically correct U of I students
find a new 'cause' (Spfld cartoon) Pinckneyville gets 'report card' from state
program (So. Ill.) FIRE ...

Im Land Der Leeren H User

Author: P. D. James
Publisher: Knaur eBook
ISBN: 3426404737
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Bespitzelungen und Einweisungen in Straflager gehören zum Alltag. Aber es existiert eine kleine Dissidentengruppe, die sich gegen das brutale Regime auflehnt ... Im land der leeren Häuser von P.D. James: packender Thriller im eBook!


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Blasts from the Past a. a cubist sculpture of a fried egg b. a prop from Star Wars c.
the head of a cybernautic cyclops d. an alternative input device, circa 1990 After
all, how many processors i you need to move a 4& □ i'h You Build Real, Heavy-
Duty ... a birthday party." Smalltalk fans finally had some microcomputer versions
to use: Digitalk's Methods, for the IBM PC, and Smalltalk-PC, for the Apple II.
Wrote Bruce Webster: "Perhaps now that some 'real' Smalltalk implementations
are ...

Res Gestae

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Nancy Krieger, Director of the Office of Career Services, thinks the move is a
great idea. “It's such a nice room that gets no use except during interview ... Every
cubicle and side interview room now has an ethernet port, which willenable
students with laptops to plug into the internet, the printers and receive e-mail.
Students will not need special access cards to enter the ... Birthday girls Julianne
and Vicki started the year of right. Sketchy preliminary reports
suggestJuliannedowned ...

The Australian New Zealand Wine Industry Journal

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Using a notebook computer with modem allows me to maintain contact with
clients from anywhere in the world. 'There will always be the need to visit the
vineyard so ... Certainly my ideas are controversial and by offering alternative
explanations one always creates difficulties and professional jealousies. I
suppose that is why I am seen as a 'stirrer'. 'Historically ... surprising for an
industry that forgot to celebrate its 200th birthday. It's all very well to believe
technology has helped the ...


Author: Jennifer Estep
Publisher: Piper ebooks
ISBN: 3492990851
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Bella Bulluci hat die wohl nervigsten Superkräfte der Welt: Sie zieht sowohl Glück als auch Pech magisch an.

Endlich Nichtraucher

Author: Allen Carr
Publisher: Mosaik Verlag
ISBN: 3641112834
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Millionen Menschen haben es mit dem Klassiker »Endlich Nichtraucher« geschafft, sich in kurzer Zeit ohne Zwang vom Rauchen zu befreien – für immer.