The Christmas Plainsong

Author: Izzy James
Publisher: Bent Knee Press via PublishDrive
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Author: Kent Haruf
Publisher: Pan Macmillan
ISBN: 1447289528
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Somebody or something besides an old red cow to care about and worry over. Set in Kent Haruf's fictional landscape of Holt County, Colorado, Plainsong is a story of simple lives told with extraordinary empathy.

Plainsong In The Age Of Polyphony

Author: Thomas Forrest Kelly
Publisher: Cambridge University Press
ISBN: 9780521401609
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our attention has focused on the impact of local traditions of liturgy and plainsong
on sacred polyphony; to what extent can the treatment of plainsong within
polyphony inform us about ... 48 Franchinus Gafurius, Practica musicae (Milan,
1496), facsimile reprint (Bologna, 1972), Book 1, chapter 1: 'Quod (licet improprie
) Ambrosiani nostri atque Gregoriani clerici cantum planum vocant: quoniam
simpliciter ...

The Book Of Common Prayer And Hymnal 1982 Combination Black Leather

Author: Church Publishing
Publisher: Church Publishing, Inc.
ISBN: 9780898692440
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S-233 Intercession Mass S-150 Irregular Tone, see: Plainsong, Irregular Tone
Jones, John ( 1 728- 1 796) S 1 82 Kelway, Thomas (1695-1749) S-14 Koehring,
David (b. 1940) S-235 Lawes, W. (1596-1662) S-246 Ley, Henry G. (1887-1962)
S-257 Litany of the Saints S-30, S-64, S-95 Lloyd, Richard (b. 1933) S-194
Longhurst, W. H. (1819-1904) S-226 Luther, Martin (1483-1546) S-283
MacFarren, George A. (1813-1887) S-36, S-181 Martens, Mason (b. 1933) S-29,
S-30, S-56, S-63, ...


Author: Nancy Huston
Publisher: Zoland Books
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Piecing together her family history from her grandfather's journal, Paula Sterling learns about how her ancestors endured the hardships of early frontier life through the boom times of the 1950s and comes to better understand her ...


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Catalog Of Copyright Entries

Author: Library of Congress. Copyright Office
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Third series Library of Congress. Copyright Office. PLAINSONG MASS I; musical
adaptations: Sisters of the Host Precious Blood. ... PLAINSONG PROPERS; book
one, Advent to Septuagesima, by the Sisters of the Most Precious Blood. 34 P-
NM: music. © St. Mary's Press; 1Nov64; A7t7l65. A PLAINTIVE CAROL; SAB, a
cappella, ... PLAY ORGAN TODAY; [by] Wes Day (Wesley H Day) 1 v. ©Wesley H
. Day 6c Prog. World Wide Publishers; 22Dec64; A736373. PLAY PEEK-A-BOO ...

Western Plainchant

Author: David Hiley
Publisher: Oxford University Press
ISBN: 9780198165729
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14.1 gives the last eight of this series, starting with Tenemus ecce arma. There
follow the first eight examples for the second 'varietas', and all the incipits for the
other three sets. Such lists are found in a great variety of sources. The chief
contents of Paris 776, from which Ex. 1 1 I. 14.1 is transcribed, are a gradual;
tonaries were often copied in other such liturgical music books, as for example in:
Ex. III. 14.1. Extract from a tonary, part of the 326 ///. Liturgical Books and
Plainchant Sources.